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Forensic Medicine Textbooks

cover of Essential Forensic Biology (2nd edition)
Essential Forensic Biology
by Alan Gunn
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ISBN13: 978-0470758038
2nd Edition
cover of Foundations of Forensic Vocational... (14th edition)
Foundations of Forensic Vocational...
by Rick Robinson
ISBN13: 978-0826199270
14th Edition
cover of Handbook of Forensic Pathology (Paperback) (2nd edition)
Handbook of Forensic Pathology (Paperback)
by Vincent J. M. Dimaio and Suzanna E. Dana
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ISBN13: 978-0849392870
2nd Edition
cover of Introduction to Forensic Sciences (Hardback) (2nd edition)
Introduction to Forensic Sciences (Hardback)
by William G. Eckert
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ISBN13: 978-0849381010
2nd Edition
cover of Microbial Forensics (2nd edition)
Microbial Forensics
by Steven E. Schutzer
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ISBN13: 978-0123820068
2nd Edition
cover of Practical Forensic Microscopy: A Laboratory  Manual (8th edition)
Practical Forensic Microscopy: A Laboratory Manual
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ISBN13: 978-0470031766
8th Edition
cover of Studies in Crime (96 edition)
Studies in Crime
by Hunter
ISBN13: 978-0415166126
96 Edition
cover of Working Stiff (14th edition)
Working Stiff
ISBN13: 978-1476727264
14th Edition