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Parasitology Textbooks

cover of Foundations of Parasitology (9th edition)
Foundations of Parasitology
ISBN13: 978-0073524191
9th Edition
cover of Human Parasitology (4th edition)
Human Parasitology
by Burton J. Bogitsh
ISBN13: 978-0124159150
4th Edition
cover of Gerald D. Schmidt`s; Foundations of Parasitology (8th edition)
Gerald D. Schmidt's; Foundations of Parasitology
by Larry S. Roberts and John Janovy Jr.
ISBN13: 978-0073028279
8th Edition
cover of Medical Parasitology (6th edition)
Medical Parasitology
ISBN13: 978-0803625433
6th Edition
cover of Essentials of Human Parasitology
Essentials of Human Parasitology
by Judith S. Heelan and Frances W. Ingersoll
ISBN13: 978-0766812840
cover of Parasitology: Conceptual Approach
Parasitology: Conceptual Approach
by Eric S. Loker and Bruce V. Hofkin
ISBN13: 978-0815344735
cover of Clinical Parasitology (2nd edition)
Clinical Parasitology
by Elizabeth Zeibig
ISBN13: 978-1416060444
2nd Edition
cover of Diagnostic Medical Parasitology (5th edition)
Diagnostic Medical Parasitology
by Garcia
ISBN13: 978-1555813802
5th Edition
cover of Markell and Voge`s Medical Parasitology (9th edition)
Markell and Voge's Medical Parasitology
by David T. John and William A. Petri
ISBN13: 978-0721647937
9th Edition