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General Dermatology Texts Textbooks

cover of Clinical Management of Itching (00 edition)
Clinical Management of Itching
by Fleischer
ISBN13: 978-1850707790
00 Edition
cover of Dermatology - Lecture Notes (11th edition)
Dermatology - Lecture Notes
by Robin Graham-Brown
ISBN13: 978-1118887776
11th Edition
cover of Dermatology DDX Deck (2nd edition)
Dermatology DDX Deck
ISBN13: 978-0323080798
2nd Edition
cover of Dermatology Secrets Plus (4th edition)
Dermatology Secrets Plus
by James E. Fitzpatrick and Joseph G. Morelli
ISBN13: 978-0323071543
4th Edition
cover of Skin Chart Size : 1 Panel (99 edition)
Skin Chart Size : 1 Panel
by Permacharts
ISBN13: 978-1550803921
99 Edition

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