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Working Class Studies Textbooks

cover of Gleanings of Freedom (11th edition)
Gleanings of Freedom
by Grivno
ISBN13: 978-0252080470
11th Edition
cover of Good Jobs, Bad Jobs (11th edition)
Good Jobs, Bad Jobs
by Arne L. Kalleberg
ISBN13: 978-0871544803
11th Edition
cover of Growing up Global: Economic Restructuring and Children`s Everyday Lives (4th edition)
Growing up Global: Economic Restructuring and Children's Everyday Lives
by Cindi Katz
ISBN13: 978-0816642106
4th Edition
cover of Growing up Poor: A Literary Anthology (1st edition)
Growing up Poor: A Literary Anthology
by Robert Ed. Coles, Randy Ed. Testa and Michael Ed. Coles
ISBN13: 978-1565847446
1st Edition
cover of Hand To Mouth (14th edition)
Hand To Mouth
by Tirado
ISBN13: 978-0399171987
14th Edition
cover of Hand to Mouth (14th edition)
Hand to Mouth
by Linda Tirado
ISBN13: 978-0425277973
14th Edition
cover of Handbook of Work-Family Integration (8th edition)
Handbook of Work-Family Integration
by Karen Korabik, Donna S. Lero and Denise L. Whitehead
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ISBN13: 978-0123725745
8th Edition
cover of Hidden Injuries of Class (72 edition)
Hidden Injuries of Class
by Richard Sennett
Print On Demand
ISBN13: 978-0393310856
72 Edition