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Personality Psychology Textbooks

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cover of Addictive Personality : Understanding the Addictive Process and Compulsive Behavior (2ND 96)

by Craig Nakken

Cover Type:
ISBN13: 978-1568381299
ISBN10: 1568381298

Edition: 2ND 96
cover of Adult Personality Development, Volume I : Theories and Concepts (94)

by Lawrence S. Wrights...

Cover Type:
ISBN13: 978-0803944008
ISBN10: 0803944004

Edition: 94
cover of Alcohol, Other Drugs, and Behavior: Psychological Research Perspectives (2ND 10)

by John R. Jung

Cover Type:
ISBN13: 978-1412967648
ISBN10: 1412967643

Edition: 2ND 10
cover of Anatomy of Human Destructiveness (73)

by Erich Fromm

Cover Type:
ISBN13: 978-0805016048
ISBN10: 080501604X

Edition: 73
cover of Anger : The Misunderstood Emotion (REV 89)

by Carol Tavris

Cover Type:
ISBN13: 978-0671675233
ISBN10: 0671675230

Edition: REV 89
cover of Asserting Yourself (REV 04)

by Sharon Anthony Bowe...

Cover Type:
ISBN13: 978-0738209715
ISBN10: 0738209716

Edition: REV 04
cover of Assessment of Child and Adolescent Personality (86)

by Howard M. Knoff

Cover Type:
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ISBN13: 978-1572308879
ISBN10: 1572308877

Edition: 86
cover of Authentic Happiness: Using the New Positive Psychology to Realize Your Potential for Lasting Fulfillment (02)

by Martin Seligman

Cover Type:
ISBN13: 978-0743222983
ISBN10: 0743222989

Edition: 02
cover of Beginners Guide to MMPI-2 (3RD 11)

by James N. Butcher

Cover Type:
ISBN13: 978-1433809224
ISBN10: 1433809222

Edition: 3RD 11
cover of Beneath the Mask: Introduction oo Theories of Personality (8TH 09)

by Christopher F. Mont...

Cover Type:
ISBN13: 978-0471724124
ISBN10: 0471724122

Edition: 8TH 09
cover of Beyond Human Nature (14)

by Jesse J. Prinz

Cover Type:
ISBN13: 978-0393347890
ISBN10: 0393347893

Edition: 14
cover of Born to Rebel : Birth Order, Family Dynamics, and Creative Lives (96)

by Frank J. Sulloway

Cover Type:
ISBN13: 978-0679758761
ISBN10: 0679758763

Edition: 96
cover of Certain Trumpets The Nature Of Leadership (94)

by Garry Wills

Cover Type:
ISBN13: 978-0684801384
ISBN10: 0684801388

Edition: 94
cover of Character of Organizations : Using Personality Type in Organization Development (REV 00)

by William Bridges

Cover Type:
ISBN13: 978-0891061496
ISBN10: 0891061495

Edition: REV 00
cover of Chorus of Stones (92)

by Susan Griffin

Cover Type:
ISBN13: 978-0385418850
ISBN10: 038541885X

Edition: 92
cover of Clinical Assessment of Child and Adolescent Personality and Behavior (3RD 10)

by Paul J. Frick, Chri...

Cover Type:
ISBN13: 978-0387896427
ISBN10: 0387896422

Edition: 3RD 10
cover of Cognitive Behavior Therapy of DSM-IV-TR Personality Disorders (2ND 06)

by Len Sperry

Cover Type:
Print On Demand
ISBN13: 978-0415950756
ISBN10: 0415950759

Edition: 2ND 06
cover of Concepts of the Self (3RD 13)

by Anthony Elliott

Cover Type:
ISBN13: 978-0745661896
ISBN10: 0745661890

Edition: 3RD 13
cover of Connect Access Card for Theories of Personality (8TH 13)

by Jess Feist

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ISBN13: 978-1259321788
ISBN10: 1259321789

Edition: 8TH 13
cover of Contemporary Perspectives on Serial Murder (98)

by Ronald M. Holmes an...

Cover Type:
ISBN13: 978-0761914211
ISBN10: 0761914218

Edition: 98