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Personality Psychology Textbooks

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cover of Our Inner Conflicts: A Constructive Theory of Neurosis (45)

by Karen Horney

Cover Type:
ISBN13: 978-0393309409
ISBN10: 0393309401

Edition: 45
cover of Owning Your Own Shadow: Understanding the Dark Side of the Psyche (91)

by Robert A. Johnson

Cover Type:
ISBN13: 978-0062507549
ISBN10: 0062507540

Edition: 91
cover of People Patterns: A Popular Culture Introduction to Personality Types and the Four Temperaments ((2ND)11)

by Stephen Montgomery

Cover Type:
ISBN13: 978-1885705037
ISBN10: 1885705034

Edition: (2ND)11
cover of People Types and Tiger Stripes (4TH 09)

by Gordon Lawrence and...

Cover Type:
ISBN13: 978-0935652871
ISBN10: 0935652876

Edition: 4TH 09
cover of Person: An Introduction to the Science of Personality Psychology (5TH 09)

by Dan P. McAdams

Cover Type:
ISBN13: 978-0470129135
ISBN10: 0470129131

Edition: 5TH 09
cover of Personal Psychology for Life and Work (5TH 00)

by Rita K. Baltus

Cover Type:
ISBN13: 978-0028042947
ISBN10: 0028042948

Edition: 5TH 00
cover of Personalism (52)

by Emmanuel Mounier

Cover Type:
ISBN13: 978-0268004347
ISBN10: 026800434X

Edition: 52
cover of Personality (9TH 15)

by Jerry M. Burger

Cover Type:
ISBN13: 978-1285740225
ISBN10: 128574022X

Edition: 9TH 15
cover of Personality (10TH 19)

by Jerry M. Burger

Cover Type:
ISBN13: 978-1337559010
ISBN10: 1337559016

Edition: 10TH 19
cover of Personality (Custom) (12)

by Pearson Custom

Cover Type:
ISBN13: 978-1256332251
ISBN10: 1256332259

Edition: 12
cover of Personality (Looseleaf) (6TH 16)

by Howard S. Friedman

Cover Type:
ISBN13: 978-0205997930
ISBN10: 0205997937

Edition: 6TH 16
cover of Personality - Study Guide (7TH 08)

by Jerry M. Burger

Cover Type:
ISBN13: 978-0495097938
ISBN10: 0495097934

Edition: 7TH 08
cover of Personality : Contemporary Theory and Research (3RD 05)

by Valerian J. Derlega...

Cover Type:
ISBN13: 978-0534598716
ISBN10: 0534598714

Edition: 3RD 05
cover of Personality : Systems Approach (07)

by John Mayer

Cover Type:
ISBN13: 978-0205389148
ISBN10: 0205389147

Edition: 07
cover of Personality : Theory and Research (11TH 10)

by Daniel Cervone and ...

Cover Type:
ISBN13: 978-0470485064
ISBN10: 047048506X

Edition: 11TH 10
cover of Personality and Personal Growth (7TH 13)

by Robert Frager

Cover Type:
ISBN13: 978-0205254781
ISBN10: 0205254780

Edition: 7TH 13
cover of Personality and the Foundations of Political Behavior (10)

by Jeffery J. Mondak

Cover Type:
ISBN13: 978-0521140959
ISBN10: 0521140951

Edition: 10
cover of Personality Assessment : Methods and Practice (3RD 99)

by L. R. Aiken

Cover Type:
ISBN13: 978-0889372092
ISBN10: 0889372098

Edition: 3RD 99
cover of Personality Plus : How to Understand Others by Understanding Yourself (REV 92)

by Florence Littauer

Cover Type:
ISBN13: 978-0800754457
ISBN10: 080075445X

Edition: REV 92
cover of Personality Psychology (4TH 10)

by Randy Larsen and Da...

Cover Type:
ISBN13: 978-0073370682
ISBN10: 0073370681

Edition: 4TH 10