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Rural & Urban Sociology Textbooks

cover of Urban World (10th edition)
Urban World
by J. John Palen
ISBN13: 978-0199371969
10th Edition
cover of Promoting Community Change (6th edition)
Promoting Community Change
by Mark S. Homan
ISBN13: 978-1305101944
6th Edition
cover of City Reader (6th edition)
City Reader
by Legates
ISBN13: 978-1138812918
6th Edition
cover of Contemporary Urban Planning (11th edition)
Contemporary Urban Planning
by John M Levy
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ISBN13: 978-1138666382
11th Edition
cover of Rural Communities: Legacy and Change (Paperback) (5th edition)
Rural Communities: Legacy and Change (Paperback)
by Cornelia B. Flora
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ISBN13: 978-0813349718
5th Edition
cover of Experiencing Cities (Paperback) (3rd edition)
Experiencing Cities (Paperback)
by Mark Hutter
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ISBN13: 978-1138851610
3rd Edition
cover of Holy Land : Suburban Memoir
Holy Land : Suburban Memoir
by D.J. Waldie
ISBN13: 978-0393327281
cover of Rural Populations and Health
Rural Populations and Health
by Richard A. Crosby
ISBN13: 978-1118004302