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Social Institutions Textbooks

cover of Beyond Inclusion, Beyond Empowerment
Beyond Inclusion, Beyond Empowerment
by Leticia Nieto
ISBN13: 978-0976611202
cover of Crisis in American Institutions (14th edition)
Crisis in American Institutions
by Jerome H. Skolnick and Elliott Currie
ISBN13: 978-0205610648
14th Edition
cover of Religion : Social Context (5th edition)
Religion : Social Context
ISBN13: 978-1577665779
5th Edition
cover of Sociology of Religion (2nd edition)
Sociology of Religion
by Susanne C. Monahan
ISBN13: 978-0205710829
2nd Edition
cover of Newjack: Guarding Sing Sing
Newjack: Guarding Sing Sing
ISBN13: 978-0375726620
cover of Religion in Sociological Perspective (5th edition)
Religion in Sociological Perspective
by Keith A. Roberts
ISBN13: 978-1412982986
5th Edition
cover of Understanding Police Culture (Paperback) (2nd edition)
Understanding Police Culture (Paperback)
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ISBN13: 978-1583605455
2nd Edition
cover of Understanding Criminal Justice : Sociological Perspectives
Understanding Criminal Justice : Sociological Perspectives
by Philip Smith and Kristin Natalier
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ISBN13: 978-0761940326