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China & Global Relations Textbooks

cover of China`s Geography (2nd edition)
China's Geography
by Gregory Veeck
ISBN13: 978-0742567832
2nd Edition
cover of Why Geography Matters: More Than Ever (2nd edition)
Why Geography Matters: More Than Ever
by Harm J. Deblij
ISBN13: 978-0199913749
2nd Edition
cover of Chinese Politics and Government
Chinese Politics and Government
by Guo sujian
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ISBN13: 978-0415551397
cover of Start-up Nation
Start-up Nation
by Dan Senor
ISBN13: 978-0446541473
cover of 100% Online Student Success
100% Online Student Success
by Roxanne L. DuVivier
ISBN13: 978-1428336476
cover of China`s Second Continent
China's Second Continent
by Howard W. French
ISBN13: 978-0307946652