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Historical Anthropology Textbooks

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cover of Death in the Dining Room : And Other Tales of Victorian Culture (92)

by Kenneth L. Ames

Cover Type:
ISBN13: 978-1566393331
ISBN10: 1566393337

Edition: 92
cover of Death Ritual in Late Imperial and Modern China (88)

by James L. Watson and...

Cover Type:
ISBN13: 978-0520071292
ISBN10: 0520071298

Edition: 88
cover of Death Rituals of Rural Greece (82)

by L. M. Danforth and ...

Cover Type:
ISBN13: 978-0691000275
ISBN10: 0691000271

Edition: 82
cover of Devi : Goddesses of India (96)

by John S. Ed. Hawley...

Cover Type:
ISBN13: 978-0520200586
ISBN10: 0520200586

Edition: 96
cover of Drinking, Homicide, and Rebellion in Colonial Mexican Villages (79)

by William B. Taylor

Cover Type:
ISBN13: 978-0804711128
ISBN10: 0804711127

Edition: 79
cover of Early Anthropology in the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries (71)

by Margaret Hodgen

Cover Type:
ISBN13: 978-0812210149
ISBN10: 081221014X

Edition: 71
cover of Early Man and the Cosmos (85)

by Evan Hadingham

Cover Type:
ISBN13: 978-0806119199
ISBN10: 0806119195

Edition: 85
cover of Earth Is Faster Now ((2ND)10)

by Igor Krupnik and Dy...

Cover Type:
ISBN13: 978-0972044912
ISBN10: 0972044914

Edition: (2ND)10
cover of Earthly Bodies, Magical Selves : Contemporary Pagans and the Search for Community (01)

by Sarah M. Pike

Cover Type:
ISBN13: 978-0520220867
ISBN10: 0520220862

Edition: 01
cover of Egyptian Archaeology (10)

by Willeke Wendrich

Cover Type:
Print On Demand
ISBN13: 978-1405149884
ISBN10: 1405149884

Edition: 10
cover of Embodying Colonial Memories : Spirit Possession, Power, and the Hauka in West Africa (95)

by Paul Stoller

Cover Type:
Print On Demand
ISBN13: 978-0415908771
ISBN10: 0415908779

Edition: 95
cover of Emperor`s Mirror : Understanding Cultures through Primary Sources (98)

by Russell Barber and ...

Cover Type:
ISBN13: 978-0816518487
ISBN10: 0816518483

Edition: 98
cover of Enchanted Modern : Gender and Public Piety in Shi`i Lebanon (06)

by Lara Deeb

Cover Type:
ISBN13: 978-0691124216
ISBN10: 0691124213

Edition: 06
cover of Epic of Son-Jara : A West African Tradition (92)

by Fa-Digi Sisoko and ...

Cover Type:
ISBN13: 978-0253207135
ISBN10: 0253207134

Edition: 92
cover of Everyday Politics in the Philippines (REV 02)

by Benedict J. Tria Ke...

Cover Type:
Print On Demand
ISBN13: 978-0742518704
ISBN10: 0742518701

Edition: REV 02
cover of Facing Mount Kenya (62)

by Jomo Kenyatta

Cover Type:
ISBN13: 978-0394702100
ISBN10: 0394702107

Edition: 62
cover of Family Life of Ralph Josselin (70)

by Alan MacFarlane

Cover Type:
Print On Demand
ISBN13: 978-0393008494
ISBN10: 0393008495

Edition: 70
cover of Female Power and Male Dominance : On the Origins of Sexual Inequality (81)

by Peggy Reeves Sanday

Cover Type:
ISBN13: 978-0521280754
ISBN10: 0521280753

Edition: 81
cover of Festive State : Race, Ethnicity, and Nationalism as Cultural Performance (00)

by David M. Guss

Cover Type:
ISBN13: 978-0520223318
ISBN10: 0520223314

Edition: 00
cover of Firewalking and Religious Healing (89)

by Loring M. Danforth

Cover Type:
ISBN13: 978-0691028538
ISBN10: 0691028532

Edition: 89