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Plant Ecology Textbooks

cover of Plants and Society (7th edition)
Plants and Society
by Estelle Levetin and Karen McMahon
ISBN13: 978-0078023033
7th Edition
cover of Stern`s Introductory Plant Biology (14th edition)
Stern's Introductory Plant Biology
by James E. Bidlack and Shelley Jansky
ISBN13: 978-1259682742
14th Edition
cover of Ecology of Plants (2nd edition)
Ecology of Plants
by Jessica Gurevitch, Samuel M. Scheiner and Gordon A. Fox
ISBN13: 978-0878932948
2nd Edition
cover of Stream Ecology: Structure and Function of Running Waters (2nd edition)
Stream Ecology: Structure and Function of Running Waters
by J. David Allan
ISBN13: 978-1402055829
2nd Edition
cover of Fundamentals of Weed Science (4th edition)
Fundamentals of Weed Science
by Robert L. Zimdahl
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ISBN13: 978-0123944269
4th Edition
cover of Agroecology (Hardback) (3rd edition)
Agroecology (Hardback)
by Stephen R. Gliessman
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ISBN13: 978-1439895610
3rd Edition
cover of Wetlands (5th edition)
by William J. Mitsch
ISBN13: 978-1118676820
5th Edition
cover of Plant Physiology (Loose) (5th edition)
Plant Physiology (Loose)
by Lincoln Taiz
ISBN13: 978-0878935116
5th Edition
cover of Forest Ecology (4th edition)
Forest Ecology
by Burton V. Barnes, Donald R. Zak, Shirley Denton and Stephen H. Spurr
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ISBN13: 978-0471308225
4th Edition