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Automotive & Mechanical Textbooks

cover of Auto Body Repair Technology (6th edition)
Auto Body Repair Technology
by James E. Duffy
ISBN13: 978-1133702856
6th Edition
cover of Machinery`s Handbook 30, Toolbox Edition (30th edition)
Machinery's Handbook 30, Toolbox Edition
by Erik Oberg
ISBN13: 978-0831130916
30th Edition
cover of Electrical Motor Controls for Integrated Systems - With DVD (5th edition)
Electrical Motor Controls for Integrated Systems - With DVD
by Gary Rockis
ISBN13: 978-0826912268
5th Edition
cover of Automotive Technology (6th edition)
Automotive Technology
by Jack Erjavec and Rob Thompson
ISBN13: 978-1133612315
6th Edition
cover of Automotive Service (5th edition)
Automotive Service
by Tim Gilles
ISBN13: 978-1305110595
5th Edition
cover of Machine Tool Practices (10th edition)
Machine Tool Practices
by Richard R. Kibbe
ISBN13: 978-0132912655
10th Edition
cover of Industrial Mechanics - With Codes (4th edition)
Industrial Mechanics - With Codes
by Albert W. Kemp
ISBN13: 978-0826937124
4th Edition