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Chemistry, an Environmental Perspective

Chemistry, an Environmental Perspective - 94 edition

Chemistry, an Environmental Perspective - 94 edition

ISBN13: 9780136446590

ISBN10: 0136446590

Chemistry, an Environmental Perspective by Phyllis E. Buell - ISBN 9780136446590
Edition: 94
Copyright: 1994
Publisher: Prentice Hall, Inc.
International: No
Chemistry, an Environmental Perspective by Phyllis E. Buell - ISBN 9780136446590

ISBN13: 9780136446590

ISBN10: 0136446590

Edition: 94

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Girard/Buell is the first Chemistry and Society text to use an environmental perspective as a vehicle to teach basic scientific literacy, an approach which is both timely and scientifically significant. This student-friendly and applications-rich text is grounded in a solid foundation of basic chemistry which assumes little or no scientific background.

Unique Environmental Perspective within a framework similar to what is currently taught. Integrates environmental perspective at both the organizational level and as a thematic thread.

two unique chapters provide an early orientation to the earth and its ecosystems, establishing an environmental framework to motivate the following study of chemical principles (Ch. 3 & 3)
environmental theme is also integrated throughout: in the chapter opening vignettes, in the main narrative (noted with a globe icon) and in the applications boxes and their accompanying end-of-chapter questions

Consumer Briefs investigate the chemistry at work in common drugs and consumer products such as dental fillings, antacids, caffeine and sunscreen. (pp. xxi)

Explorations essays, at the ends of chapters, explore ways in which chemistry affects our dynamic world. Explorations are of people, places, and events which have significance from a chemical perspective. Sample topics include the eruption of Krakotoa, the neem tree, environmental terrorism in the Gulf War, and the electric car. (pp. xxiii)

Unique supplements offer real world perspective.

ABC News Case Studies--approximately ten case studies keyed to the text are contained in a text appendix. Each is accompanied with a brief clip from our unique ABC News/PH Video Library (see V-1)
New York Times Themes of the Times Program combines related articles from the award-winning pages of the New York Times in a mini-newspaper format. Updated yearly and free in quantity to adopters

Printed on recycled paper with an inviting, creative design.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

1. What Is Chemistry?

2. The Origin of the Earth and the Earth's Mineral Resources.

3. Ecosystems.

4. Atoms and Atomic Structure.

5. Electron Configuration and Chemical Bonding.

6. Nuclear Chemistry.

7. Chemical Reactions.

8. Reactions in Solution.

9. Carbon Compounds.

10. Biochemistry.

11. Synthetic Polymers.

12. Water Resources and Water Pollution.

13. The Air We Breathe.

14. Fossil Fuels.

15. Energy Sources for the Future.

16. Toxicology.

17. Food and Nutrition.

18. Agricultural Chemicals.

19. The Disposal of Dangerous Wastes.


A. Exponential Notation.
B. Measurement and the International System of Units (SI).
C. Conversion Factors.
D. Significant Figures.
E. Solving Problems with Dimensional Analysis.

ABC Video Case Studies.


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Chemistry : An Environmental Approach by Phyllis Buell and James Girard - ISBN 9780763710743