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Chemistry and Chemical Reactivity

Chemistry and Chemical Reactivity - 4th edition

Chemistry and Chemical Reactivity - 4th edition

ISBN13: 9780030237621

ISBN10: 0030237629

Chemistry and Chemical Reactivity by John C. Kotz and Paul Treichel - ISBN 9780030237621
Cover type: Hardback
Edition: 4TH 99
Copyright: 1999
Publisher: Saunders College Division
International: No
Chemistry and Chemical Reactivity by John C. Kotz and Paul Treichel - ISBN 9780030237621

ISBN13: 9780030237621

ISBN10: 0030237629

Cover type: Hardback
Edition: 4TH 99

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This best-selling chemistry text integrates chemical principles and applications with generous amounts of descriptive chemistry. A uniquely beautiful and dynamic art program emphasizes the close relation between macroscopic observations of chemical and physical changes, the symbols we use to describe them, and the way we view those changes at the atomic and molecular level.


  • The authors' friendly writing style gently eases students into the principles of chemistry while providing current and interesting applications to increase student interest in science.
  • Photos of chemical and physical changes and important chemicals and consumer products, as well as a colorful art program, reinforce the idea that chemistry is a dynamic and reactive science.
  • An abundance of molecular models, all of which are also on the Saunders Web site, allow students to appreciate and absorb the important principles of molecular structure.
  • Problem-Solving Tips and Ideas, A Closer Look, Current Perspectives, and Historical Perspectives, margin notes, worked examples, and exercises together enhance student learning.
  • Acclaimed end-of-chapter pedagogy continues in Chapter High-lights and review and study questions, which are further broken down by category and often accompanied by photographs and molecular models.

Author Bio

Kotz, John C. : State University of New York College at Oneonta

Treichel, Paul : University of Wisconsin-Madison

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

1. The Basic Tools of Chemistry
2. Atoms and Elements
3. Molecules and Compounds
4. Chemical Equations and Stoichiometry
5. Reactions in Aqueous Solution
6. Principles of Reactivity: Energy and Chemical Reactions

II. The Structure of Atoms and Molecules

7. Atomic Structure
8. Atomic Electron Configurations & Chemical Periodicity
9. Bonding and Molecular Structure: Fundamental Concepts
10. Bonding and Molecular Structure: Orbital Hybridization and Molecular Orbitals
11. Carbon-More Than Just Another Element

III. States of Matter

12. Gases and Their Properties
13. Bonding and Molecular Structure: Intermolecular Forces, Liquids, and Solids
14. Solutions and Their Behavior

IV. The Principles of Reactivity

15. Principles of Reactivity: Chemical Kinetics
16. Principles of Reactivity: Chemical Equilibria
17. Principles of Reactivity: The Chemistry of Acids and Bases
18. Principles of Reactivity: Reactions Between Acids and Bases
19. Principles of Reactivity: Precipitation Reactions
20. Principles of Reactivity: Entropy and Free Energy
21. Principles of Reactivity: Electron Transfer Reactions

V. The Chemistry of the Elements and Their Compounds

22. The Chemistry of the Main Group Elements
23. The Transition Elements
24. Nuclear Chemistry