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Children With Disabilities

Children With Disabilities - 5th edition

Children With Disabilities - 5th edition

ISBN13: 9781557665812

ISBN10: 1557665818

Children With Disabilities by Mark L. Batshaw - ISBN 9781557665812
Edition: 5TH 02
Copyright: 2002
Publisher: Paul H. Brookes Publishing Co.
International: No
Children With Disabilities by Mark L. Batshaw - ISBN 9781557665812

ISBN13: 9781557665812

ISBN10: 1557665818

Edition: 5TH 02

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This comprehensive textbook gives students in any discipline extensive coverage of the developmental, clinical, educational, family, and intervention issues they'll face in their work with children with disabilities. They'll explore the beginning of life from conception to infancy, including factors in each stage that can cause disability; learn about child development, including physical development and preventable threats; go in-depth on specific developmental disabilities they'll likely encounter; and find guidelines on conducting interventions, managing outcomes, and working with families.

This classic text includes learning objectives, case stories, a glossary of key terms, and appendices about medications and syndromes & inborn errors of metabolism. Plus its FREE Course Companion Web Site -- featuring links for each chapter, PowerPoint slides, new case studies, and study guides -- cements this as the perfect text for any class!

New to this edition:

  • Every chapter peer reviewed and extensively updated
  • Expanded coverage of educational issues and interventions across chapters
  • New chapters devoted to special education, early intervention, and sports, exercise, and recreation

Appropriate Courses

  • Introduction to Special Education
  • Medical Aspects of Disabilities
  • Child Development
  • Atypical Child Development
  • Human Development in Special Education
  • Early Childhood Education
  • Child Assessment (Psychology)
  • Severe Disabilities (Special Education)
  • Psychology of Exceptional Children

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

List of Tables and Figures
About the Editor
A Personal Note to the Reader
Letters from Andrew Batshaw

Section I: As Life Begins

Chromosomes and Heredity: A Toss of the Dice
Mark L. Batshaw

Birth Defects, Prenatal Diagnosis, and Fetal Therapy
Rhonda L. Schonberg and Cynthia L. Tifft

Growth Before Birth
James B. Hill and William H.J. Haffner

Having a Baby: The Birth Process
Shad H. Deering and Andrew J. Satin

The First Weeks of Life
Laura Placke Ward and Susan K. McCune

Premature and Small-for-Dates Infants
K. Rais-Bahrami, Billie Lou Short, and Mark L. Batshaw

Section II: The Developing Child

Substance Abuse: A Preventable Threat to Development
Martha J. Wunsch, Charles J. Conlon, and Peter C. Scheidt

HIV Infection in Children
Hans M.L. Spiegel and Andrew M. Bonwit

Nutrition and Children with Disabilities
Leila T. Beker, Abigail F. Farber, and Colleen Comonitski Yanni

Vision: Our Window to the World
Marijean M. Miller, Sheryl J. Menacker, and Mark L. Batshaw

Hearing: Sounds and Silences
Gilbert R. Herer, Carol A. Knightly, and Annie G. Steinberg

Communication: Speech and Language
Sheela Stuart

The Brain and Nervous System: Normal and Abnormal Development
Robert F. Keating, Caple A. Spence, and David Lynch

Muscles, Bones, and Nerves: The Body's Framework
Arabella I. Leet, John P. Dormans, and Laura L. Tosi

Section III: Developmental Disabilities

Mental Retardation
Mark L. Batshaw and Bruce Shapiro

Down Syndrome
Nancy J. Roizen

Fragile X Syndrome
Gretchen A. Meyer and Mark L. Batshaw

PKU and Other Inborn Errors of Metabolism
Mark L. Batshaw and Mendel Tuchman

Dual Diagnosis: Mental Retardation and Psychiatric Disorders
Mark Reber

Pervasive Developmental Disorders
Kenneth E. Towbin, Joyce E. Mauk, and Mark L. Batshaw

Attention Deficits and Hyperactivity
Mark A. Stein, Lisa A. Efron, Wendy B. Schiff, and Marianne Glanzman

Specific Learning Disabilities
Bruce Shapiro, Robin P. Church, and M.E.B. Lewis

Cerebral Palsy
Louis Pellegrino

Neural Tube Defects
Gregory S. Liptak

Steven Weinstein

Traumatic Brain Injury
Linda J. Michaud, Jennifer Semel-Concepcíon, Ann-Christine Duhaime, and Mary F. Lazar

Part IV: Interventions, Families, and Outcomes

Peggy S. Eicher

Dental Care: Promoting Health and Preventing Disease
George Acs, Man Wai Ng, Mark L. Helpin, and Howard M. Rosenberg

Early Intervention
Charles J. Conlon

Special Education Services
Elissa Batshaw Clair, Robin P. Church, and Mark L. Batshaw

Promoting Adaptive Behavior While Addressing Challenging Behavior
John M. Parrish

Technological Assistance: Innovations for Independence
Susan E. Levy and Maureen O'Rourke

Rehabilitation: Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy
Lisa A. Kurtz

Exercise, Sports, and Recreation
Terry Adirim and Kenneth M. Fine

Ethical Dilemmas: Evaluation and Decision Making
Tomas Jose Silber and Mark L. Batshaw

Providing Family-Centered Services
Paula J. Beckman

Future Expectations: Transition from Adolescence to Adulthood
Patience White, Vincent Schuyler, Andrea Edelman, Adadot Hayes, and Mark L. Batshaw

Health Care Delivery Systems and Financing Issues
Angelo P. Giardino, Alan Kohrt, Lowell Arye, and Nora Wells

Appendix A: Glossary
Mark L. Batshaw

Appendix B: Syndromes and Inborn Errors of Metabolism
Cheryl Scacheri

Appendix C: Commonly Used Medications
Karl F. Gumpper

Appendix D: Resources for Children with Disabilities
Margaret Rose