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Children with Disabilities

Children with Disabilities - 4th edition

Children with Disabilities - 4th edition

ISBN13: 9781557662934

ISBN10: 1557662932

Children with Disabilities by Mark L. Batshaw - ISBN 9781557662934
Edition: 4TH 97
Copyright: 1997
Publisher: Paul H. Brookes Publishing Co.
International: No
Children with Disabilities by Mark L. Batshaw - ISBN 9781557662934

ISBN13: 9781557662934

ISBN10: 1557662932

Edition: 4TH 97

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Professionals, families, and students can rely on this fully illustrated, comprehensive resource for all of their disability reference needs. Along with extensive coverage of genetics, heredity, pre- and postnatal development, specific disabilities, family roles, and intervention, this edition features new chapters on substance abuse, HIV and AIDS, Down syndrome, fragile X syndrome, behavior management, transitions to adulthood, and health care in the 21st century. It also reveals the causes of many conditions that can lead to developmental disabilities. The convenient selection of appendices includes a new one that describes the properties and uses of a wide variety of medications. This informative classic has a place on the desk of everyone who works with, cares for, or loves a child with disabilities.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Section I: As Life Begins

  1. Understanding Your Chromosomes
  2. Heredity: A Toss of the Dice
  3. Birth Defects, Prenatal Diagnosis, and Fetal Therapy
  4. Growth Before Birth
  5. Having a Baby: The Birth Process
  6. The First Weeks of Life
  7. Born Too Soon, Born Too Small

Section: II The Developing Child

  1. Substance Abuse: A Preventable Threat to Development
  2. HIV and AIDS: From Mother to Child
  3. Nutrition: Good and Bad
  4. Vision: Our Window to the World
  5. Hearing: Sounds and Silences
  6. Language: A Code for Communicating
  7. The Brain and Nervous System: Our Computer
  8. Muscles, Bones, and Nerves: The Body's Framework

Section III: Developmental Disabilities

  1. Mental Retardation
  2. Down Syndrome
  3. Fragile X Syndrome
  4. PKU and Other Inborn Errors of Metabolism
  5. Dual Diagnosis: Mental Retardation and Psychiartic Disorders
  6. Autism: And Other Pervasive Developmental Disorders
  7. Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder
  8. Learning Disabilities
  9. Cerebral Palsy
  10. Neural Tube Defects
  11. Seizure Disorders
  12. Traumatic Brain Injury

Part IV: Interventions, Families, and Outcomes

  1. Feeding
  2. Dental Care: Beyond Brushing and Flossing
  3. Behavior Management: Promoting Adaptive Behavior
  4. Technological Assistance: Innovations for Independence
  5. Rehabilitation Interventions: Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy
  6. Ethical Choices: Questions of Care
  7. Caring and Coping: The Family of a Child with Disabilities
  8. Adulthood: What the Future Holds
  9. Providing Health Care in the 21st Century

Appendix A: Glossary

Appendix B: Syndromes and Inborn Errors of Metabolism

Appendix C: Commonly Used Medications

Appendix D: Resources for Children with Disabilities