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Children's Literature, Briefly - With CD

Children's Literature, Briefly - With CD - 3rd edition

Children's Literature, Briefly - With CD - 3rd edition

ISBN13: 9780130499240

ISBN10: 0130499242

Edition: 3RD 04
Copyright: 2004
Publisher: Merrill Education/Prentice Hall
International: No

ISBN13: 9780130499240

ISBN10: 0130499242

Edition: 3RD 04

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For Introduction to Children's Literature courses.

Based on the assumption that a children's literature course should focus on children's literature, this compact, conversationally-written text offers an overview of children's literature genres, guidelines for using children's books with a diverse population of young readers. Each genre chapter includes four book lists including: 1) the authors' ten favorite titles; 2) the authors' "second choices" ; 3) ten easier-to-read titles ideal for struggling readers; and 4) ten picture books, many of which are appropriate for readers in upper elementary grades. An interactive CD database included in the book lists more than 15,000 titles searchable by author, title, illustrator, publisher, copyright, grade level, genre, topics, description, awards, or user comments.


  • NEW--Thorough updating of the CD-ROM listing of over 15,000 titles--With the capacity to add titles and comments and create, save, and print personal book lists.
    • Provides an exceptional resource for choosing literature in every genre, for every age group--allows future teachers to create their own "library" of children's book titles personalized to their taste, teaching philosophy, and pupil population.
  • Encourages future teachers to begin their classroom libraries.
    • The authors' Top Ten List--With annotations that provide a brief summary of each title's content.
  • Highlights ten titles of proven interest to young readers--helps novice teachers learn what to look for in quality children's literature and gives them confidence in their use of these "favorites."
    • Succinct discussions and a conversational tone--Throughout the text.
  • Focuses students' attention on the children's books themselves--provides the background future teachers need in a targeted format that's "to-the-point," yet comprehensive.
    • Helpful appendices--Exploring magazines, audiovisuals, awards, and more.
  • Provides additional resources for engaging children in all media--broadens future teachers' notions of what "children's literature" can encompass.

Author Bio

Jacobs, James S. : Brigham Young University

Tunnell, Michael O. : Brigham Young University

Table of Contents

Table of Contents


1. Why Read?
2. What Is a Good Book?
3. What Is a Good Book? The Words.
4. What Is a Good Book? The Pictures.
5. Children's Books: History and Trends.


6. Categories of Children's Literature.
7. Traditional Fantasy.
8. Modern Fantasy.
9. Contemporary Realistic Fiction.
10. Historical Fiction.
11. Biography.
12. Informational Books.
13. Picture Books.
14. Poetry.
15. Multicultural and International Books.
16. Controversial Books.


17. Teaching Reading with Children's Literature.
18. The Teacher as Reader.
19. Motivating Students to Read.
20. Building a Classroom Library.
21. Evaluating Children's Reading.
22. Teaching the Curriculum with Children's Literature.

Appendix A: Book Selection Aids.
Appendix B: Magazines for Children.
Appendix C: Publishing Children's Books.
Appendix D: Audiovisual Media and Children's Books.
Appendix E: Author and Illustrator Visits.
Appendix F: Children's Book Awards.
Appendix G: Publishers' Addresses.
Name Index.
Subject Index.