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Chinese Link : Simplified Character Version

Chinese Link : Simplified Character Version - 06 edition

Chinese Link : Simplified Character Version - 06 edition

ISBN13: 9780131946040

ISBN10: 0131946048

Chinese Link : Simplified Character Version by Sue-mei Wu, Yueming Yu, Yanhui Zhang and Weizhong Tian - ISBN 9780131946040
Cover type: Paperback
Edition: 06
Copyright: 2006
Publisher: Prentice Hall, Inc.
International: No
Chinese Link : Simplified Character Version by Sue-mei Wu, Yueming Yu, Yanhui Zhang and Weizhong Tian - ISBN 9780131946040

ISBN13: 9780131946040

ISBN10: 0131946048

Cover type: Paperback
Edition: 06

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Chinese Link: Zhongwen Tiandi Simplified Character Version is a dynamic, learner-centered textbook for beginning students of modern Chinese. Its communicative focus helps students develop their competencies in the four basic skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing the Chinese language and allows for practice through an abundance of in-text activities. In addition a strong cultural component is provided in the end of chapter Chinese Link section, giving the learner exposure to Chinese culture and opportunities to explore further through different activity types. In addition, each version of the text presents vocabulary in both the simplified and traditional versions giving the learner exposure to both character types.


  • Twenty-two lessons.
    • Enables instructors to complete the text in one academic year.
  • Clear and systematic introduction and explanation of grammar points.
    • Relates grammar points to communicative task-oriented content without overwhelming students and without excessive linguistic jargon.
  • Differences in usage between mainland China and Taiwan are consistently identified.
    • Clears up any potential confusion students may experience.
  • Current words, such as "internet", "cell phone," etc., are included.
    • Provides students with truly modern Chinese vocabulary.
  • Vivid and eye-catching photographs and drawings are included.
    • Provides visual cues to aid in communicative exercises and activities.
  • Students are instructed to build from words to phrases to sentences and beyond to communicative tasks involving description and discourse.
    • Builds students' confidence by gradually building vocabulary.
  • "Foundations" unit provides students with valuable information including an Introduction to Chinese language; an introduction to Pinyin; basic introduction to Chinese characters; an introduction to the most useful and common phrases encountered in the Chinese language; abbreviations of parts of speech; and a map of China.
    • Provides students with a helpful ''starter'' to the text.
  • Pronunciation exercises are integrated throughout the entire text.
    • Helps students master expression and pronunciation of Chinese language.
  • Interesting cultural notes are included in each lesson and supplemented with authentic photographs from China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong.
    • ''Takes'' students to China and helps them experience the Chinese culture.
  • In-class exercises-including listening exercises, character exercises, grammar exercises and communicative activities are included in the main text.
    • Provides exercises so that instructors will not need to create their own.
  • Each Core Lesson includes objectives, lesson photos, vocabulary, sentence patterns, main text and notes, grammar, supplementary text, exercises, cultural notes and Fun with Chinese sections.
    • Provides instructors and students with a consistent, well-organized format.
  • Fun with Chinese sections introduce a common slang, idiom or motto that either utilizes new vocabulary presented in the lesson or is closely related to the theme of the lesson.
    • Creatively presents specific phrases in an entertaining fashion.
  • Appendix is included as a learning resource for both students and instructors.
    • Includes a vocabulary list, a Traditional/ Simplified Chinese Characters Table, review of texts with traditional and simplified characters reading practice.
  • English translation of the texts is provided.
    • Makes these available for translation or interpretation practice, for self-study or in-class review.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Lesson 1: Greetings

Lesson 2: Name

Lesson 3: Nationality & Languages

Lesson 4: Talk about studies

Lesson 5: Introduce people

Lesson 6: Talk about family

Lesson 7: Tell where you live & give addresses

Lesson 8: Make and respond to a plan

Lesson 9: Make phone calls

Lesson 10: Describe a daily schedule

Lesson 11: Order food at a restaurant

Lesson 12: Request something from somebody

Lesson 13: Go shopping

Lesson 14: Invite/accept an invitation

Lesson 15: Show people around your home or town

Lesson 16: Talk about hobbies and sports

Lesson 17: Describe the weather and seasons

Lesson 18: Travel plans & transportation

Lesson 19: Describe symptoms of an illness

Lesson 20: Rent an apartment

Lesson 21: Talk about future plans & express blessings and wishes

Lesson 22: Describe your current situation