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Chinese Way In Religion

Chinese Way In Religion - 2nd edition

Chinese Way In Religion - 2nd edition

ISBN13: 9780534537357

ISBN10: 0534537359

Chinese Way In Religion by Laurence G. Thompson - ISBN 9780534537357
Edition: 2ND 98
Copyright: 1998
Publisher: Wadsworth, Inc
International: No
Chinese Way In Religion by Laurence G. Thompson - ISBN 9780534537357

ISBN13: 9780534537357

ISBN10: 0534537359

Edition: 2ND 98

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Designed to parallel Laurence Thompson's CHINESE RELIGION, this newly revised and classic anthology, now edited by Jordan Paper, continues the theme that Chinese religion is best studied as an expression of Chinese culture. This new edition retains the best of the previous edition, while providing new readings that are better suited for today's students.


  • Covers religious life as well as doctrinal sources.
  • Parallels Thompson's text to add flexibility in course materials and syllabus.
  • Approximately half of the readings are new to this edition, providing refreshing perspectives to parallel the Thompson text.
  • Structure now exactly parallels Thompson's CHINESE RELIGION.
  • Introductions to readings have been revised and updated.

Author Bio

Thompson, Laurence G. : University of Southern California

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Preface to the First Edition.
Preface to the Second Edition.
Table of Chinese Religious History.

1. The Early Chinese Worldview.

An Early Clan Origin Myth: J. Paper (translator), Shih (Scripture of Odes), Ode 245. Early Interaction With the Spirit Realm: B. Karlgren (translator), Shu (Scripture of Documents), "The Metal Bound Coffer." Early Cosmology and Religion According to Han Scholars: From Tjoe Som Tjan (translator), Po Hu T'ung.

2. Prescientific Theory and Religious Practice.

The Use of the Yi Ching: From J. Legge (translator), Tso Chuan.
The Use of the Feng-shui: J. Potter, "Water, Bones, and Stones: The Religious World of the Cantonese Peasant." Literati Spirit Mediums: From T. Keenan, A God's Own Tale.

3. The Family: Kindred and Ancestors. A Manual on Family Rituals: From P.B.

Ebry (translator), Chu Hsi's Family Rituals.
From the Past to the Present: From F.L.K. Hsu, Under the Ancestor's Shadow.
Funeral Rites in Taiwan: by L.G. Thompson.

4. The Community: Gods and Temples.

Matsu-An Important Community Deity: by L.G. Thompson.
Religion in Rural Communities: From A.H. Smith, Village Life in China; D.H. Kulp, Country Life in South China; B. Gallin, Hsin Hsing, Taiwan. Pilgrimage: From E. Chavannes, Le T'ai Chan (translated by L.G.
Thompson); Yang Li-hui, "The Jen-chu Festival" (translated by J. Paper).

5. The State: Emperor and Officials.

The Imperial Worship: From J. Edkins, Religion in China.
Elite Female Rituals and Ritual Roles: From J. Paper, Through the Earth Darkly: Female Spirituality in Comparative Perspective.

6. Three Ways to Ultimate Transformation: (1) Taoist Tradition.

An Introduction to Taoist Yoga: By Chung-yuan Chang. Teachings Concerning the Meditations of Union: From M. Saso, The Teachings of the Taoist Master Chuang.
An Exorcist Ritual: From J.
Langerway, Taoist Ritual in Chinese Society and History.

7. Three Ways to Ultimate Transformation: (2) Literati Tradition.

Most Holy Master of Antiquity, the Philosopher K'ung: L.G. Thompson (translator), Lun Yu and Shih Chi.
Confucius as a Patron Saint: From E.H. Parker, Studies in Chinese Religion; Thomas Waters, A Guide to the Tablets in a Temple of Confucius.
Recollections of the Toils of Learning: From R. Taylor, The Religious Dimensions of Confucianism.

8. Three Ways to Ultimate Transformation: (3) Buddhist Tradition.

Buddhism Becomes Chinese: From R. Mather, "The Conflict of Buddhism with Native Chinese Ideologies." Buddhism in T'ang China: From E.O. Reischauer (translator), Ennin's Diary.
The Laughing Buddha: From F.D. Lessing, Yung-Ho-Kung. Zen and Amidism in Chinese Buddhism: From John Blofeld, The Wheel of Life.
The Religious Vocation: From Y.Y. Tsu (translator), "Diary of a Chinese Buddhist Nun." Religious Activities in the Buddhist Monastery: From K.L. Richelt, Truth and Tradition in Chinese Buddhism (translated by K.
A Condemnation of Buddhism: Han Yu's "Memorial for the Throne of a Bone of the Buddha" (translated by J.

9. Their Separate Ways: Cults and Sects.

The Lung-hua Sect: A Secret Religious Society: From J.J.M. de Groot, Sectarianism and Religious Persecution in China.
Hung Hsiu-Ch'uan and a Chinese Understanding of Christianity: From J. Paper, The Spirits Are Drunk: Comparative Approaches to Chinese Religion.

10. The Festival Year.

The Chinese New Year Celebrations: From M. Saso, Blue Dragon, White Tiger.

11. Traditional Chinese Religion as Means of Coping.

The Garden for Pleasure in Solitude: By Ssu-Ma Kuang (translated by J. Paper).
Red Cliff Fu I: By Su Shih (translated by J. Paper).
Ascending Mount Lu: By Mao Tse-tung, from J. Paper, The Spirits Are Drunk.

12. The Disruption of Tradition.

Celebrating a Deity's Birthday in China Today: From K. Dean, Taoist Rituals and Popular Cults of Southeast China.
Matrifocal Rituals in Patrilineal Chinese Religion: By J. Paper & L. Chuang Paper.
The Institutionalization of Ecstatic Religious Functionaries in Taiwan: By J. Paper.

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Chinese Way In Religion by Laurence G. Thompson - ISBN 9780822101093