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Classic and Contemporary Readings in Social Psychology

Classic and Contemporary Readings in Social Psychology - 3rd edition

Classic and Contemporary Readings in Social Psychology - 3rd edition

ISBN13: 9780130873668

ISBN10: 0130873667

Classic and Contemporary Readings in Social Psychology by Erik J. Coats and Robert S. Feldman - ISBN 9780130873668
Cover type: Paperback
Edition: 3RD 01
Copyright: 2001
Publisher: Prentice Hall, Inc.
International: No
Classic and Contemporary Readings in Social Psychology by Erik J. Coats and Robert S. Feldman - ISBN 9780130873668

ISBN13: 9780130873668

ISBN10: 0130873667

Cover type: Paperback
Edition: 3RD 01

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This unique collection of 30 readings, written by leading researchers in the field of social psychology, pairs classic and contemporary articles on key topics that illustrate the contrast between the old and the new--and the progress and advances of various aspects of the entire discipline. It encourages readers to notice the similarities and differences among the articles and issues. Selections include classic articles by such figures as Leon Festinger, Stanley Milgram, and Edward Jones--as well as more recent ones that have risen to classic status due to their impact on the field. The inclusion of contemporary articles show that important thinking still goes on. Featured topics explore social cognition; prejudice, discrimination, and stereotypes; well being and health; interpersonal relations; prosocial behavior; aggression; attitudes; persuasion; and law and order. For individuals interested in the field of social psychology.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

1. An Introduction to Social Psychology.

CLASSIC: N. Triplett, The Dynamogenic Factors in Pacemaking and Competition.
CONTEMPORARY: E. Berscheid, A Glance Back at a Quarter Century of Social Psychology.

2. Social Cognition: Perceiving and Understanding Individuals.

CLASSIC: E.E. Jones, How Do People Perceive the Causes of Behavior?
CONTEMPORARY: T. Gilovich and K. Savitsky, Like Goes With Like: The Role of Representativeness in Erroneous and Pseudoscientific Beliefs.

3. Prejudice, Discrimination, and Stereotypes: Perceiving and Understanding Groups.

CLASSIC: M. Sherif, et al., The Robber's Cave Experiment: Intergroup Conflict and Cooperation.
CONTEMPORARY: C.M. Steele, Thin Ice: ''Stereotype Threat'' and Black College Students.

4. The Self: Perceiving and Understanding Ourselves.

CLASSIC: S. Schachter and J.E. Singer, Cognitive, Social, and Physiological Determinants of Emotional State.
CONTEMPORARY: D.G. Myers and E. Diener, The Pursuit of Happiness.

5. Well-Being and Health: Caring for the Self.

CLASSIC: J.W. Pennebaker and S.K. Beall, Confronting a Traumatic Event: Toward an Understanding of Inhibition and Disease.
CONTEMPORARY: S. Cohen, Psychological Stress, Immunity, and Upper Respiratory Infections.

6. Interpersonal Attraction: Our Liking for Others.

CLASSIC: E. Berscheid and E. Hatfield, Physical Attractiveness.
CONTEMPORARY: G. Cowley, The Biology of Beauty.

7. Close Relationships: The Nature of Intimate Relations.

CLASSIC: D.G. Dutton and A.P. Aron, Some Evidence for Heightened Sexual Attraction Under Conditions of High Anxiety.
CONTEMPORARY: J. Gottman, What Makes Marriage Work?

8. Prosocial Behavior.

CLASSIC: J.H. Bryan and M.A. Test, Models and Helping: Naturalistic Studies in Aiding Behavior.
CONTEMPORARY: R.V. Levine, Cities with Heart.

9. Aggression.

CLASSIC: L. Berkowitz and A. LePage, Weapons as Aggression-Eliciting Stimuli.
CONTEMPORARY: D. Olweus, Bullying or Peer Abuse at School: Facts and Intervention.

10. Attitudes: Appraising Our Social Worlds.

CLASSIC: L. Festinger and J.M. Carlsmith, Cognitive Consequences of Forced Compliance.
CONTEMPORARY: E. Harmon-Jones, Is The Production of Aversive Consequences Necessary?

11. Persuasion: Changing Attitudes.

CLASSIC: R.E. Petty and J.T. Cacioppo, The Elaboration Likelihood Model of Persuasion.
CONTEMPORARY: M. Helweg-Larsen and B.E. Collins, A Social Psychological Perspective on the Role of Knowledge About AIDS in AIDS Prevention.

12. Conformity, Compliance, and Obedience: Following the Lead of Others.

CLASSIC: S. Milgram, Behavioral Study of Obedience.
CONTEMPORARY: R.B. Cialdini, Commitment and Consistency.

13. Law and Order: The Legal System.

CLASSIC: E.F. Loftus and J.C. Palmer, Reconstruction of Automobile Destruction: An Example of the Interaction Between Language and Memory.

CONTEMPORARY: D.S Lindsay, Eyewitness Suggestibility.

14. Groups: Joining With Others.

CLASSIC: R.B. Zajonc, Social Facilitation.
CONTEMPORARY: G. Moorhead, R. Rerence, and C.P. Neck, Group Decision Fiascoes Continue: Space Shuttle Challenger and a Revised Groupthink Framework.

15. Business, Organizations, and the Environment: Applying Social Psychology in a Complex World.

CLASSIC: E. Mayo, The Social Problems of an Industrial Civilization.
CONTEMPORARY: S.T. Fiske and P. Glick, Ambivalence and Stereotypes Cause Sexual Harassment: A Theory with Implications for Organizational Change.

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