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Classics of Philosophy

Classics of Philosophy - 3rd edition

Classics of Philosophy - 3rd edition

ISBN13: 9780199737291
ISBN10: 0199737290
Classics of Philosophy by Louis P. Pojman - ISBN 9780199737291
Cover type: Paperback
Edition: 3RD 11
Copyright: 2011
Publisher: Oxford University Press
International: No
Classics of Philosophy by Louis P. Pojman - ISBN 9780199737291
ISBN13: 9780199737291
ISBN10: 0199737290
Cover type: Paperback
Edition: 3RD 11
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Classics of Philosophy is the most comprehensive anthology of writings in Western philosophy in print. Spanning 2500 years of thought, it is ideal for introduction to philosophy and history of philosophy courses that are structured chronologically. With more than seventy works by forty philosophers as well as fragments from the Pre-Socratics, it offers students and instructors an extensive and economical collection of the major works of the Western tradition. The new third edition, like its predecessor, provides students with unabridged or substantial texts of classic works while keeping as close to the heart of the canon as possible in the space provided. This revision expands many of the existing readings, adds some important philosophers, and includes just enough pedagogy to help students without diminishing their own direct experience with the text. Specifically, improvements include:DT Expanding Aristotle's Posterior Analytics, On the Soul, Metaphysics, and Nicomachean Ethics; Berkeley's On the Principles of Human Knowledge; and Hume's Treatise on Human NatureDT Adding selections from Maimonides and Schopenhauer as well as Kant's Critique of Pure ReasonDT Review questions for each chapter DT Portraits of many philosophers (new to the third edition).DT A companion website for both students and instructors: includes brief summaries for each reading, essay questions for the selections, objective test questions, and 200 PowerPoint lecture slides for professors. For students, the website offers self-tests, flash cards with key terms, review questions for each chapter, a timeline featuring the authors in the text, and helpful web links. Classics of Philosophy third edition should give students easier access to more of philosophy's greatest works in a more economical package. It should also offer an alternative to teachers who want a quality anthology of Western classics that includes the best of the pre-Socratics as well as a sampling of influential contemporary philosophy.

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