Classics of Public Administration 4th edition (9780030193828) -
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Classics of Public Administration

Classics of Public Administration - 4th edition

Classics of Public Administration - 4th edition

ISBN13: 9780030193828

ISBN10: 0030193826

Classics of Public Administration by Jay M. Shafritz and Albert C. Hyde - ISBN 9780030193828
Edition: 4TH 97
Copyright: 1997
Publisher: Harcourt Brace or Harcourt Press
International: No
Classics of Public Administration by Jay M. Shafritz and Albert C. Hyde - ISBN 9780030193828

ISBN13: 9780030193828

ISBN10: 0030193826

Edition: 4TH 97

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents

I. Early Voices and the First Quarter Century (1880s to 1920s)

1. The Study of Administration (1887)

      Woodrow Wilson

2. Politics and Administration (1900)

      Frank J. Goodnow

3. Scientific Management (1912)

      Frederick W. Taylor

4. The Movement for Budgetary Reform in the States (1918)

      William F. Willoughby

5. Bureaucracy (1922)

      Max Weber

6. Introduction to the Study of Public Administration (1926)

      Leonard D. White

7. The Giving of Orders (1926)

      Mary Parker Follett

II. The New Deal to Mid-Century (1930-1950)

8. Public Administration and the Public Interest (1936)

      E. Pendleton Herring

9. Notes on the Theory of Organization (1937)

      Luther Gulick

10. Report of the Presidents Committee on Administrative Management (The Brownlow Committee) (1937)

      Louis Brownlow, Charles E. Merriam, & Luther Gulick

11. Informal Organizations and Their Relation to Formal Organizations (1938)

      Chester I. Barnard

12. Bureaucratic Structure and Personality (1940)

      Robert K. Merton

13. The Lack of a Budgetary Theory (1940)

      V. O. Key, Jr.

14. A Theory of Human Motivation (1943)

      A. H. Maslow

15. Government Is Different (1945)

      Paul Appleby

16. The Proverbs of Administration (1946)

      Herbert A. Simon

17. The Administrative State: Conclusion (1948)

      Dwight Waldo

18. The Cooptative Mechanism (1949)

      Philip Selznick

19. The Commission on Organization of the Executive Branch of the Government (Hoover Commission)

      Herbert Hoover and Others

III. The 1950s and 1960s

20. Toward a Theory of Budgeting (1952)

      Verne B. Lewis

21. The Human Side of Enterprise (1957)

      Douglas Murray McGregor

22. The Science of Muddling Through (1959)

      Charles E. Lindblom

23. Organizations and the System Concept (1966)

      Daniel Katz & Robert L. Kahn

24. The Road to PPB: The Stages of Budget Reform (1966)

      Allen Schick

25. The American System (1966)

      Morton Gordzins

26. Organizations of the Future (1967)

      Warren Bennis

27. Policy Analysts: A New Professional Role in Government Service (1967)

      Yehezkel Dror

28. The Life Cycle of Bureaus (1967)

      Anthony Downs

29. Rescuing Policy Analysis from PPBS (1969)

      Aaron Wildavsky

30. Administrative Decentralization and Political Power (1969)

      Herbert Kaufman

31. The End of Liberalism: The Indictment (1969)

      Theodore J. Lowi

IV. The 1970s and 1980s

32. Toward a New Public Administration (1971)

      H. George Frederickson

33. Systematic Thinking for Social Action (1971)

      Alice M. Rivlin

34. Implementation (1973)

      Jeffrey L. Pressman & Aaron Wildavksy

35. Watergate: Implications for Responsible Government (1974)

      Frederick C. Mosher & Others

36. Representative Bureaucracy (1974)

      Samuel Krislov

37. Organizational Decline and Cutback Management (1978)

      Charles H. Levine

38. Public and Private Management: Are They Fundamentally Alike in All Unimportant Respects? (1980)

      Graham T. Allison

39. Street-Level Bureaucracy (1980)

      Michael Lipsky

40. Public Budgeting amidst Uncertainty and Instability (1981)

      Naomi Caiden

41. Democracy and the Public Service: The Collective Services (1982)

      Frederick C. Mosher

42. Public Administrative Theory and the Separation of Powers (1983)

      David H. Rosenbloom

43. The Possibility of Administrative Ethics (1985)

      Dennis F. Thompson

44. The Seven Deadly Sins of Policy Analysts (1986)

      Arnold J. Meltsner

45. Exploring the Limits of Privatization (1987)

      Ronald C. Moe

V. The 1990s

46. Toward a Feminist Perspective in Public Administration Theory (1990)

      Camilla Stivers

47. Breaking Through Bureaucracy (1992)

      Michael Barzelay with Babik J. Armajani

48. What a Politcal Scientist Can Tell a Policymaker About the Likelihood of Success or Failure (1994).

49. Using Performance Measures for Federal Budgeting: Proposals and Prospects (1993)

      Philip G. Joyce

50. From Red Tape to Results: Creating a Government That Works Better & Costs Less (1993)

      The National Performance Review

51. Reinventing Government? Appraising the National Performance Review (1994)

      Donald F. Kettl

52. Productivity and Quality Management (1995)

      Marc Holzer

53. Changing Work, Changing Workforce, Changing Expectations (1995)

      Patricia Ingraham

54. Understanding Intergovernmental Relations (1996)

      Deil S. Wright