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Clinical Anthology : Readings for Live Client Clinics

Clinical Anthology : Readings for Live Client Clinics - 97 edition

Clinical Anthology : Readings for Live Client Clinics - 97 edition

ISBN13: 9780870843525

ISBN10: 0870843524

Clinical Anthology : Readings for Live Client Clinics by Alex J. Hurder, Frank S. Bloch, Susan L. Brooks and Susan L.  Eds. Kay - ISBN 9780870843525
Edition: 97
Copyright: 1997
Publisher: Anderson Publishing Co.
International: No
Clinical Anthology : Readings for Live Client Clinics by Alex J. Hurder, Frank S. Bloch, Susan L. Brooks and Susan L.  Eds. Kay - ISBN 9780870843525

ISBN13: 9780870843525

ISBN10: 0870843524

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents



A. Clinics and the Law School Curriculum

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B. The Clinical Method

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A. Identifying Ethical Issues

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B. Lawyer Roles and Responsibilities

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A. The Lawyer-Client Relationship

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B. Communicating Interests and Values

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C. Transcending Differences

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A. Framing the Story of the Case

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B. Making Decisions

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C. Planning the Investigation of Facts

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A. Telling the Story of the Case

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B. Negotiation

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C. Mediation

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A. The Justice Mission of Lawyers

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B. Access to Justice

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Clinical Anthology: Readings for Live by Hurder - ISBN 9781422483473