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Clinical Kinesiology and Anatomy

Clinical Kinesiology and Anatomy - 4th edition

Clinical Kinesiology and Anatomy - 4th edition

ISBN13: 9780803612433

ISBN10: 0803612435

Clinical Kinesiology and Anatomy by Lynn S. Lippert - ISBN 9780803612433
Cover type: Paperback
Edition: 4TH 06
Copyright: 2006
Publisher: F. A. Davis Co.
International: No
Clinical Kinesiology and Anatomy by Lynn S. Lippert - ISBN 9780803612433

ISBN13: 9780803612433

ISBN10: 0803612435

Cover type: Paperback
Edition: 4TH 06
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Lynn Lippert adds a greater emphasis on clinical insights and functional connections to her easy-to-understand, well-organized 4th edition text. This accurate and thoughtfully updated edition is what should be at the heart of your clinical kinesiology course to help students analyze the mobility of specific joints in various activities of daily living. The first seven chapters describe the various body systems, terminology, and biomechanical principles that will be applied in the individual joint chapters that follow.

Key Features

  • Greater clinical and functional "depth" added to the chapters. "Basic Biomechanics" includes more clinical and anatomical examples to better explain basic lever systems and inclined planes.
  • Expanded coverage and added illustrations in the "Gait" chapter includes lifespan gait patterns as well as descriptions of atypical gait
  • The various aspects of gait are described using both traditional terminology and the increasingly more common Rancho Los Amigos (RLA) terminology.
  • Revised layout allows for more figures and illustrations to appear as close as possible to the text that describes it
  • More chapter review questions added to include "points to remember," general anatomy and functional activity questions, and clinical exercises help students understand the human body from a clinical and functional perspective.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Part I: Basic Kinesiology and Anatomy

1. Basic Information
2. Skeletal System
3. Articular System
4. Arthrokinematics
5. Muscular System
6. Nervous System
7. Basic Biomechanics

Part II: Clinical Kinesiology and Anatomy of the Upper Extremities

8. Shoulder Girdle
9. Shoulder Joint
10. Elbow
11. Wrist
12. Hand

Part III: Clinical Kinesiology and Anatomy of the Trunk

13. Temporomandibular Joint
14. Neck and Trunk
15. Respiration
16. Pelvic Girdle

Part IV: Clinical Kinesiology and Anatomy of the Lower Extremities

17. Hip
18. Knee
19. Ankle Joint and Foot

Part V: Clinical Kinesiology and Anatomy of the Body

20. Posture
21. Gait

Answers to Review Questions