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Clinical Procedures for Med. Assist. - With 4 DVDs and CD

Clinical Procedures for Med. Assist. - With 4 DVDs and CD - 7th edition

Clinical Procedures for Med. Assist. - With 4 DVDs and CD - 7th edition

ISBN13: 9781416034759

ISBN10: 1416034757

Clinical Procedures for Med. Assist. - With 4 DVDs and CD by Kathy Bonewit-West - ISBN 9781416034759
Edition: 7TH 08
Copyright: 2008
Publisher: W.B. Saunders Co.
International: No
Clinical Procedures for Med. Assist. - With 4 DVDs and CD by Kathy Bonewit-West - ISBN 9781416034759

ISBN13: 9781416034759

ISBN10: 1416034757

Edition: 7TH 08

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This essential resource prepares you for a career in clinical medical assisting with complete coverage of the concepts, procedures, and skills you need to succeed in todays fast-paced medical environment. Step-by-step, hands-on guidance helps you quickly learn to perform procedures such as taking vital signs, collecting and processing lab specimens, preparing patients for examinations, assisting with office surgeries, and other treatments and procedures. Includes four DVDs with video demonstrations of the skills in the book! A Chapter Outline and Learning Objectives at the beginning of each chapter prepare you for the skills and concepts you will be learning. A list of National Competencies at the beginning of each chapter identifies the theory and skill requirements addressed in that chapter. Key Terms and Terminology Review help you master important medical assisting terminology. Procedures are easy to follow with a consistent, step-by-step presentation accompanied by photographs and documentation/charting examples and guidelines. What Would You Do? What Would You Not Do? case studies in each chapter challenge you to apply what youve learned to realistic medical office situations. A practitioners response is included for comparison. Putting It All Into Practice and Memories from Externship boxes feature real medical assistants sharing personal, on-the-job experiences to help you connect with your future goals and better understand the realities of working in a medical office. Patient Teaching boxes prepare you for effective communication with detailed instructions for answering patient questions and explaining important medical concepts and procedures. Medical Practice and the Law sections at the end of each chapter highlight important legal and ethical issues you need to know when working in a medical practice setting. Apply Your Knowledge questions help you assess your understanding of the chapter material. Certification Review sections summarize important points from the chapter that are essential to know for the certification examination. An On the Web feature provides you with up-to-date lists of websites you can access for more information related to chapter content. A Companion CD offers additional learning tools such as the Jeopardy and Road to Recovery games, labeling exercises, identification exercises, and other helpful activities. The latest OSHA Bloodborne Pathogens Standards Proper procedure for measuring temperature using a temporal artery thermometer Step-by-step guidance for performing pulse oximetry Essential principles related to intravenous therapy Procedure for performing the A1C blood glucose test Updated information on medications commonly administered and prescribed in the medical office Four Companion DVDs show you proper technique for performing more than 70 step-by-step procedures directly from the book.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

1. The Medical Record

2. Medical Asepsis and the OSHA Standard

3. Sterilization and Disinfection

4. Vital Signs

5. The Physical Examination

6. Eye and Ear Assessment and Procedures

7. Physical Agents to Promote Tissue Healing

8. The Gynecologic Examination and Prenatal Care

9. The Pediatric Examination

10. Minor Office Surgery

11. Administration of Medication and IV Therapy

12. Cardiopulmonary Procedures

13. Colon Procedures and Male Reproductive Health

14. Radiology and Diagnostic Imaging

15. Introduction to the Clinical Laboratory

16. Urinalysis

17. Phlebotomy

18. Hematology

19. Blood Chemistry and Serology

20. Medical Microbiology

21. Emergency Medical Procedures


A. Medical Abbreviations

B. A & P Review

C. Glossary