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Cocktails and Dreams

Cocktails and Dreams - 05 edition

Cocktails and Dreams - 05 edition

ISBN13: 9780130987518

ISBN10: 0130987514

Cocktails and Dreams by Wilson Palacios - ISBN 9780130987518
Cover type: Paperback
Edition: 05
Copyright: 2005
Publisher: Prentice Hall, Inc.
International: No
Cocktails and Dreams by Wilson Palacios - ISBN 9780130987518

ISBN13: 9780130987518

ISBN10: 0130987514

Cover type: Paperback
Edition: 05

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For courses in drugs, alcohol, research methods, deviance, sociology, criminal justice & criminology.

This collection of qualitative research articles presents a balanced representation of issues surrounding illegal drug use and the misuse of legal drugs. By exposing students to various drug subcultures, as presented by national and international scholars in the field, the text encourages students to think critically about this topic and break through longstanding stereotypes about people who consume legal and illegal drugs.


  • A carefully researched, balanced collection of articles dealing with illegal and legal drug use.
    • Exposes students to a variety of drug subcultures
  • Coverage of US and international drug subcultures.
    • Allows students to see how other cultures' responses to drug use compare to the US
  • Examines racial, ethnic and gender issues and stereotypes connected with drug use
    • Helps students think critically about common stereotypes about drug users
  • Discussion questions at the end of each section.
      • Provides instructors with material for class discussions or response papers

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

1. Qualitative Research Methods and Illicit Drug Use Research.

Criminal Construction of Drug Users, Kevin Whiteacre. The Role of Ethnography in Substance Abuse Research and Public Policy: Historical Precedent and Future Prospects, Harvey W. Feldman and Michael R. Aldrich. The Multiple Roles of Qualitative Research in Understanding and Responding to Illicit Drug Use, Tim Rhodes. Determining Drug Use Patterns Among Women: The Value of Qualitative Research Methods, Claire Sterk-Elifson.

2. Pursuing Other Forms of Communication.

Becoming a Marihuana User, Howard S. Becker. The High, the Money, and the Fame: The Emergent Social Context of "New Marijuana" Use Among Urban Youth, Jean J. Schensul, Cristina Huebner, Merrill Singer, Marvin Snow, Pablo Feliciano, and Lorie Broomhall. Urban Crop Circles: Urban Cannabis Growers in the North England, Gary Potter and Simeon Dann. "You Become Really Close . . . You Talk About the Silly Things You Did, and WE Laugh": The Role of Binge Drinking in Female Secondary Students' Lives, Margaret Sheehan and Damien Ridge. Race and the Culture of College Drinking: An Analysis of White Privilege on Campus, Robert L. Peralta. Fantasy Island: An Ethnography of Alcohol and Gender Roles in a Latino Gay Bar, Carlos F. Caceres and Jorge I. Cortinas. Gen-X Junkie: Ethnographic Research with Young White Heroin Users in Washington, D.C., Todd G. Peirce. Drug Us in Nepal: The View from the Street, Joel M. Jutkowitz, Hans Speilman, Ulrich Koehler, Jagdish Lohani, and Anil Pande.

3. After the Party Is Over.

"Rich Man's Speed": A Qualitative Study of Young Cocaine Users, Annabel Boys, Julie Dobson, John Marsden and John Strang. Crack Dealing, Gender and Arrest Avoidance, Bruce A. Jacobs and Jody Miller. Kingrats, Chicken Heads, Slow Necks, Freaks, and Blood Suckers: A Glimpse at the Miami Sex-for-Crack Market, James A. Inciardi. The Lives and Times of Asian-Pacific American Women Drug Users: An Ethnographic Study of Their Methamphetamine Use, Karen A. Joe. Negative Experiences on Ecstasy: The Role of Drug, Set and Setting, Karen McElrath and Kieran McEvoy.

4. Emerging Issues: Managing Drug Use and Misuse.

Mothering Through Addiction: A Survival Strategy Among Puerto Rican Addicts, Monica Hardesty and Timothy Black. Drug Use Among Inner-City African American Women: The Process of Managing Loss, Carol A. Roberts. Improving Substance Abuse Service Delivery to Hispanic Women Through Increased Cultural Competencies: A Qualitative Study, Terry S. Trepper, Thorana S. Nelson, Eric E. McCollum and Philip McAvoy. Substance Use Prevention: An Iowa Mexican Im/migrant Family Perspective, Ed. A. Munoz, Catherine Lillehoj Goldberg, and Martha A. Dettman. After You've Ran with the Rats, the Mice Are a Bore: Cessation of Heroin Use Among Men Entering Mid-Life, Kenneth Mullen, Richard Hammersley, and Claire Marriott.