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College Algebra : Graphing Approach - Text Only

College Algebra : Graphing Approach - Text Only - 4th edition

College Algebra : Graphing Approach - Text Only - 4th edition

ISBN13: 9780618394371

ISBN10: 0618394370

College Algebra : Graphing Approach - Text Only by Ron Larson, Robert P. Hostetler and Bruce H. Edwards - ISBN 9780618394371
Edition: 4TH 05
Copyright: 2005
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
International: No
College Algebra : Graphing Approach - Text Only by Ron Larson, Robert P. Hostetler and Bruce H. Edwards - ISBN 9780618394371

ISBN13: 9780618394371

ISBN10: 0618394370

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As part of the market-leading Graphing Approach Series by Larson, Hostetler, and Edwards, College Algebra: A Graphing Approach, 4/e, provides both students and instructors with a sound mathematics course in an approachable, understandable format. The quality and quantity of the exercises, combined with interesting applications, cutting-edge design, and innovative resources, make teaching easier and help students succeed in mathematics. This new edition, intended for algebra courses that require the use of a graphing calculator, includes a moderate review of algebra to help students entering the course with weak algebra skills.

Author Bio

Larson, Ron : The Pennsylvania State University, The Behrend College

Hostetler, Robert P. : The Pennsylvania State University, The Behrend College

Edwards, Bruce H. : University of Florida

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Note: Each chapter includes a Chapter Summary, Review Exercises, and a Chapter Test.

P. Prerequisites

P.1 Real Numbers
P.2 Exponents and Radicals
P.3 Polynomials and Factoring
P.4 Rational Expressions
P.5 The Cartesian Plane
P.6 Exploring Data: Representing Data Graphically

1. Functions and Their Graphs

Introduction to Library of Functions
1.1 Graphs of Equations
1.2 Lines in the Plane
1.3 Functions
1.4 Graphs of Functions
1.5 Shifting, Reflecting, and Stretching Graphs
1.6 Combinations of Functions
1.7 Inverse Functions

2. Solving Equations and Inequalities

2.1 Linear Equations and Problem Solving
2.2 Solving Equations Graphically
2.3 Complex Numbers
2.4 Solving Equations Algebraically
2.5 Solving Inequalities Algebraically and Graphically
2.6 Exploring Data: Linear Models and Scatter Plots
Cumulative Test: Chapters P-2

3. Polynomial and Rational Functions

3.1 Quadratic Functions
3.2 Polynomial Functions of Higher Degree
3.3 Real Zeros of Polynomial Functions
3.4 The Fundamental Theorem of Algebra
3.5 Rational Functions and Asymptotes
3.6 Graphs of Rational Functions
3.7 Exploring Data: Quadratic Models

4. Exponential and Logarithmic Functions

4.1 Exponential Functions and Their Graphs
4.2 Logarithmic Functions and Their Graphs
4.3 Properties of Logarithms
4.4 Solving Exponential and Logarithmic Equations
4.5 Exponential and Logarithmic Models
4.6 Exploring Data: Nonlinear Models

5. Linear Systems and Matrices

5.1 Solving Systems of Equations
5.2 Systems of Linear Equations in Two Variables
5.3 Multivariable Linear Systems
5.4 Matrices and Systems of Equations
5.5 Operations with Matrices
5.6 The Inverse of a Square Matrix
5.7 The Determinant of a Square Matrix
5.8 Applications of Matrices and Determinants
Cumulative Test: Chapters 3-5

6. Sequences, Series, and Probability

6.1 Sequences and Series
6.2 Arithmetic Sequences and Partial Sums
6.3 Geometric Sequences and Series
6.4 Mathematical Induction
6.5 The Binomial Theorem
6.6 Counting Principles
6.7 Probability

7. Conics and Parametric Equations

7.1 Conics
7.2 Translations of Conics
7.3 Parametric Equations
Cumulative Test: Chapters 6-7

Appendix A. Technology Support
Appendix B. Proofs of Selected Theorems
Appendix C. Concepts in Statistics
C.1 Measures of Central Tendency and Dispersion
C.2 Least Squares Regression
Appendix D. Solving Linear Equations and Inequalities
Appendix E. Systems of Inequalities
E.1 Solving Systems of Inequalities
E.2 Linear Programming