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College Vocabulary 4

College Vocabulary 4 - 06 edition

College Vocabulary 4 - 06 edition

ISBN13: 9780618230273

ISBN10: 0618230270

College Vocabulary 4 by John Bunting, Patricia Byrd, Joy Reid and Cynthia Schuemann - ISBN 9780618230273
Cover type: Paperback
Edition: 06
Copyright: 2006
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
International: No
College Vocabulary 4 by John Bunting, Patricia Byrd, Joy Reid and Cynthia Schuemann - ISBN 9780618230273

ISBN13: 9780618230273

ISBN10: 0618230270

Cover type: Paperback
Edition: 06

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Dedicated to meeting the academic needs of intermediate-level students, this book prepares students to take on the demands of college-level academic work by teaching them necessary vocabulary.

As part of the 20-book Houghton Mifflin English for Academic Success series, College Vocabulary 4 helps students develop the ability to understand and use the vocabulary from the Academic Word List (AWL), which represents the 570 most common words used in academic textbooks. This book also helps students apply strategies for vocabulary learning, develop dictionary skills for vocabulary development, and analyze words for syllable and stress patterns.

College Vocabulary 1-4 are specifically designed to support the Oral Communication, Reading, and Writing strands of the Houghton Mifflin English for Academic Success series.

Academic content excerpted from Houghton Mifflin college and McDougal Littell high school textbooks familiarizes students with academic subjects across the curriculum and teaches them the vocabulary necessary to succeed in those disciplines.
The Houghton Mifflin English for Academic Success competencies, which are based on competencies developed by ESL instructors and administrators in Florida, California, and Connecticut, provide an underlying structure for EAP courses by ensuring a clear articulation of objectives throughout the series.

All materials classroom were tested and approved by a board of adjunct instructors to ensure ease-of-use for both full- and part-time instructors. In addition, each book in the series underwent extensive review by ESL experts across the country.
Master Student Tips are excerpted from the market-leading first-year orientation book, Becoming a Master Student.
A wide variety of easy-to-implement assessment tools, designed for both instructor use and self-assessment by students, include student self-assessment at the end of each chapter, student self-assessment tests on the student web site, downloadable tests and quizzes for instructors on the password-protected Houghton Mifflin instructor web site.

Contextualized Vocabulary Practice is always presented and practiced within contexts that represent real usage. The sentence structure, the surrounding language, the examples, and the collocations represent language students in academic settings would be likely to encounter.

A wide variety of exercises have been carefully designed and sequenced to ensure that students use new words frequently and in a variety of ways in order to help with memorization.

Review sections help students practice, take charge of their own learning, and study for exams.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

1. Vocabulary and Language

Section 1: Word List 1.1
Section 2: Word List 1.2
Section 3: Word List 1.3
Section 4: Chapter 1 Review

2. Success in College

Section 1: Word List 2.1
Section 2: Word List 2.2
Section 3: Word List 2.3
Section 4: Chapter 2 Review
Review of Chapters 1 and 2

3. Social Psychology

Section 1: Word List 3.1
Section 2: Word List 3.2
Section 3: Word List 3.3
Section 4: Chapter 3 Review

4. Ethics

Section 1: Word List 4.1
Section 2: Word List 4.2
Section 3: Word List 4.3
Section 4: Chapter 4 Review
Review of Chapters 3 and 4

5. Globalization

Section 1: Word List 5.1
Section 2: Word List 5.2
Section 3: Word List 5.3
Section 4: Chapter 5 Review

6. The Environment

Section 1: Word List 6.1
Section 2: Word List 6.2
Section 3: Word List 6.3
Section 4: Chapter 6 Review
Review of Chapters 5 and 6