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College Writing Resources With Readings

College Writing Resources With Readings - 07 edition

College Writing Resources With Readings - 07 edition

ISBN13: 9780321462879

ISBN10: 0321462874

College Writing Resources With Readings by Elizabeth C. Long - ISBN 9780321462879
Cover type: Paperback
Edition: 07
Copyright: 2007
Publisher: Longman, Inc.
International: No
College Writing Resources With Readings by Elizabeth C. Long - ISBN 9780321462879

ISBN13: 9780321462879

ISBN10: 0321462874

Cover type: Paperback
Edition: 07

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The third of a three-book series, College Writing Resources offers the same features and strengths that have made the lower-level texts in the series an instant success, and was written for the essay- and bridge-level course. Betsy Long's successful writing framework, the "Four Cs," is integrated into each chapter, showing students how to check their work for the elements of good writing at every stage of development. An appealing four-color design showcases the photos and adds visual interest for an increasingly visual student body.

Adhering to the principle that more practice, greater practice, is central to helping the developing writer, the author has included a wealthy set of exercises for effective reinforcement. (A companion lab manual provides additional reinforcement for students.) Examples are drawn from a wide variety of sources-novels, newspapers, magazines-for high interest topics. Each chapter begins with a cultural note that builds students' cultural literacy and provides the context for the chapter's samples essays and exercises.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents


1. Your Strengths as a Writer
2. Having a Reader and a Reason: Understanding Audience and Purpose
3. The Bases of Good Writing: The Four Cs


4. Prewriting
5. Drafting: Writing a Rough Draft
6. Making Changes: Revision
7. Editing: Checking for Correctness


8. Essay Paragraphs and the Thesis Statement
9. Supporting Your Ideas 10. Organizing and Linking Ideas
11. Sensitive Language
12. Confusing Words
13. Choosing the Best Word
14. Improving Your Spelling
15. Varying Your Sentences
16. Format


17. Providing Illustrations and Examples
18. Narrating an Event or Story
19. Describing a Scene, Person, or Object
20. Classifying and Dividing 21. Explaining a Process
22. Comparison and Contrast
23. Cause and Effect Development
24. Definition
25. Arguing a Position
26. Using More than One Organizational Strategy


27. Writing an In-Class Essay
28. Writing Summaries and Reports
29. Writing to Get a Job


30. Searching for, Evaluating, and Integrating Information
31. Writing a Research Essay

Grammar diagnostic

32. Prepositional Phrases
33. Subjects and Verbs
34. Clauses
35. Run-On Sentences
36. Fragments
37. Regular Verbs
38. Irregular Verbs
39. Subject-Verb Agreement
40. Verb Tense and Tense Consistency
41. Pronoun Types
42. Pronoun Agreement
43. Adjectives and Adverbs
44. Misplaced Modifiers
45. Dangling Modifiers

Punctuation Diagnostic

46. Commas
47. Apostrophes
48. Quotation Marks
49. Other Punctuation Marks
50. Capitalization
51. Abbreviations and Numbers
52. ESL Tips


Readings for Informed Writing
Our Identities
READING 1. ''Liked for Myself,'' Maya Angelou
READING 2. ''Saving the Home from Martha Stewart,'' Elizabeth Austin
READING 3. ''The Misery of Silence,'' Maxine Hong Kingston
READING 4. ''Respectable addiction,'' Michael Kinsman
READING 5. ''Labor,'' Richard Rodriguez
READING 6. ''Hearing the Sweetest Songs,'' Nicolette Toussaint
Our World
READING 7. ''So Tiny, So Sweet . . . So Mean,'' Richard Conniff
READING 8. ''Creatures That Haunt the Americas,'' Constance García-Barrio
READING 9. ''Four Kinds of Reading,'' Donald Hall
READING 10. ''Caught in the Catty Corner,'' Nanci Hellmich
READING 11. ''Poor Winnie the Pooh. Not even he is safe from rampant'therapism,' '' Ben MacIntyre
READING 12. ''Two Gentlemen of the Pines,'' John McPhee
Our Values
READING 13. ''Whose Life is it, Anyway?'' Mary Battiata
READING 14. ''A Reason to Forgive,'' Pat Burson
READING 15. ''Petty Crime, Outrageous Punishment: Why the Three-Strikes Law Doesn't Work,'' Carl M. Cannon