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College Writing Skills - With CD

College Writing Skills - With CD - 6th edition

College Writing Skills - With CD - 6th edition

ISBN13: 9780072996265

ISBN10: 0072996269

College Writing Skills - With CD by John Langan - ISBN 9780072996265
Edition: 6TH 05
Copyright: 2005
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Publishing Company
International: No
College Writing Skills - With CD by John Langan - ISBN 9780072996265

ISBN13: 9780072996265

ISBN10: 0072996269

Edition: 6TH 05

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Highly regarded and used by countless students, this effective rhetoric/handbook is ideal for writing courses that focus on the essay. The sixth edition features Langan's renowned clear writing style and a wide range of writing assignments and activities that reinforce the four essentials of good writing: unity, support, coherence, and sentence skills. College Writing Skills comes packaged with a free student CD-ROM, a free registration card for access to the Online Learning Center, and a free user's guide to help students gain the maximum benefit from the text and electronic materials.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

CHAPTER 1: An Introduction to Writing

Point and Support
Structure of the Traditional Essay
Benefits of Writing the Traditional Essay
Writing as a Skill
Writing as a Process of Discovery
Writing as a Way to Communicate with Others
Keeping a Journal
Using a Computer
Review Activities
Using This Text

CHAPTER 2: The Writing Process

Writing a First Draft
Review Activities

CHAPTER 3: The First and Second Steps in Essay Writing

Step 1: Begin with a Point, or Thesis
Step 2: Support the Thesis with Specific Evidence
Practice in Advancing and Supporting a Thesis

CHAPTER 4: The Third Step in Essay Writing

Step3: Organize and Connect the Specific Evidence
Introductions, Conclusions, and Titles
Practice in Organizing and Connecting Specific Evidence

CHAPTER 5: The Fourth Step in Essay Writing

Revising Sentences
Editing Sentences
Practice in Revising Sentences

CHAPTER 6: Four Bases for Revising Essays

Base 1: Unity
Base 2: Support
Base 3: Coherence
Base 4: Sentence Skills
Practice in Using the Four Bases


CHAPTER 7: Introduction To Essay Development

CHAPTER 8: Description

Reading: Lou's Place, Beth Johnson

CHAPTER 9: Narration

Reading: The Yellow Ribbon, Pete Hamill

CHAPTER 10: Examples

Reading: Dad, Andrew H. Malcolm

CHAPTER 11: Process

Reading: How to Do Well On A Job Interview, Glenda Davis

CHAPTER 12: Cause and Effect

Reading: Taming the Anger Monster, Anne Davidson

CHAPTER 13: Comparison and Contrast

Reading: Born to Be Different? Camille Lewis

CHAPTER 14: Definition

Reading: Television Addiction, Marie Winn

CHAPTER 15: Division and Classification

Reading: Wait Divisions, Tom Bodett

CHAPTER 16: Argumentation

Reading: Ban The Things. Ban Them All., Molly Ivins


CHAPTER 17: Taking Essay Exams
CHAPTER 18: Writing a Summary
CHAPTER 19: Writing a Report
CHAPTER 20: Writing a Resume and Job Application Letter
CHAPTER 21: Using the Library and the Internet
CHAPTER 22: Writing a Research Paper



CHAPTER 23: Subjects and Verbs
CHAPTER 24: Fragments
CHAPTER 25: Run-ons
CHAPTER 26: Regular and Irregular Verbs
CHAPTER 27: Subject-Verb Agreement
CHAPTER 28: Additional Information about Verbs
CHAPTER 29: Pronoun Agreement and Reference
CHAPTER 30: Pronoun Types
CHAPTER 31: Adjectives and Adverbs
CHAPTER 32: Misplaced Modifiers
CHAPTER 33: Dangling Modifiers


CHAPTER 34: Manuscript Form
CHAPTER 35: Capital Letters
CHAPTER 36: Numbers and Abbreviations


CHAPTER 37: Apostrophe
CHAPTER 38: Quotation Marks
CHAPTER 39: Comma
CHAPTER 40: Other Punctuation Marks


CHAPTER 41: Spelling Improvement
CHAPTER 42: Commonly Confused Words
CHAPTER 43: Effective Word Choice
CHAPTER 44: Editing Tests
CHAPTER 45: ESL Pointers