College and Career Success Simplified 04 edition (9780321127457) -
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College and Career Success Simplified

College and Career Success Simplified - 04 edition

College and Career Success Simplified - 04 edition

ISBN13: 9780321127457

ISBN10: 0321127455

College and Career Success Simplified by Harry Bury, Judith Cauley, George Eppley, Anita Eppley and Alexander - ISBN 9780321127457
Edition: 04
Copyright: 2004
Publisher: Longman, Inc.
International: No
College and Career Success Simplified by Harry Bury, Judith Cauley, George Eppley, Anita Eppley and Alexander - ISBN 9780321127457

ISBN13: 9780321127457

ISBN10: 0321127455

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This concise guide to college and workplace success is filled with practical real-life college and workplace examples and active learning activities that challenge students' intellectual and personal growth.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

1. Using Resources for Success

1.1 The Importance of Resources and Networking
1.2 Student Activities.
1.3 Balancing Your Needs
Tips for Success: Resources, Activities, and Needs

2. Using the Computer for Success

2.1 Staying Current With Computers
2.2 Personal Benefits of Using the Internet
2.3 Using the Internet.
2.4 Email Etiquette
2.5 Personal Benefits of Email.
2.6 Ownership of Information.
2.7 Using Software Suites
2.8 Saving Energy and Money
Tips for Success: Computer Usage

3. Success in Managing Time

3.1 Importance of Time Management
3.2 Planning Ahead.
3.3 Using a Daily Planner
3.4 Identifying Your Values
Tips for Success: Time Management.

4. Success in Managing Stress

4.1 Our Stressful Environment
4.2 Identifying Stress
4.3 Successful Simplifying Strategies
Tips for Success: Managing Stress

5. Critical Thinking and Decision Making for Success

5.1 Successful Critical Thinking Skills
5.2 Learning Styles
5.3 Value of Critical Thinking
5.4 Effective Individual Decision Making
Tips for Success: Critical Thinking and Decision Making.

6. Creative Thinking for Success

6.1 Creative Thinking
6.2 Create Connections and Patterns
6.3 Ways to Access Your Creativity
Tips for Success: Creative Thinking

7. Successful Note-Taking Methods

7.1 Note-Taking Skills in School and Work
7.2 The Cornell Note-Taking System
7.3 SQ3R Study Method.
Tips for Success: Taking Notes.

8. Successful Learning from Textbooks

8.1 Understanding the Content
8.2 Understanding Visual Content
8.3 Concentration Techniques
8.4 Creating Study Aids
Tips for Success: Learning from Textbooks

9. Taking Tests Successfully

9.1 Preparation
9.2 Memory Tools
9.3 Cheating
Tips for Success: Taking Tests

10. Personal Growth Success

10.1 Positive Self-Talk, Self-Esteem, and Self-Respect
10.2 Respecting Yourself.
10.3 Using Visualization
10.4 Setting Goals
10.5 Setting Objectives
Tips for Success: Personal Growth

11. Successful Communication Skills

11.1 Body Language
11.2 Active Listening.
11.3 Successful Communication Behaviors
11.4 Public Speaking and Making Presentations
Tips for Success: Communications

12. Building Teams Successfully

12.1 Cooperation and Collaboration
12.2 Effective Group Decision Making
12.3 Qualities of a Team Player
12.4 Managing Conflict
Tips for Success: Building Teams

13. Job Search Success

13.1 Job Search Considerations
13.2 Resumes and Cover Letters
13.3 Interviewing
13.4 Job Search
Tips for Success: Job Search

14. Succeeding at Work

14.1 Awareness of Organizational Culture
14.2 Important Norms for Success
Tips for Success: At Work

15. Life Success

15.1 Internal Balance
15.2 External Balance.
Tips for Success: In Life