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Colouring the Nation

Colouring the Nation - 01 edition

Colouring the Nation - 01 edition

ISBN13: 9781555879983

ISBN10: 1555879985

Colouring the Nation by David Howard - ISBN 9781555879983
Cover type: Print On Demand
Edition: 01
Copyright: 2001
Publisher: Lynne Rienner Pub.
International: No
Colouring the Nation by David Howard - ISBN 9781555879983

ISBN13: 9781555879983

ISBN10: 1555879985

Cover type: Print On Demand
Edition: 01

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Author Bio

David Howard is a Lecturer at the University of Edinburgh

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

1. Introduction

Race, racism and identity
The location of research

2. La Raza Dominicana and Haiti

Race and the development of Dominican society
Dominican-Haitian history and la raza dominicana
Ambiguity and the indio-myth

3. Race, Color and Class in Dominican Society

The development of social classes in the Dominican Republic
Race and class in the three study sites
Race, class and the Dominican nation

4. Race and Ethnicity: Gendered, Domesticated and Sanctified

Cultures of patriarchy
Household structure and the role of women
Race, gender and images of the body
Religion: racialized and gendered

5. The Dominican Republic: A Transnational Society

The history of Dominican migration
Migrant characteristics
Influences of migration in the sending society
Household transformation in the transnational community
Transnationalism and racial identity
The influence of the United States

6. Race and Negritud in Dominican Literature

The color aesthetic
Contemporary poetry and prose
Expressing negritud

7. Race and Nation in Dominican Politics

Nationalism and racism
Dominican electioneering in the 1990s: the politics of race
The Haitian context in contemporary politics
Nationalism and the international conspiracy
Pena Gomez: the failure to confront racism
Beyond racialized politics?

8. Conclusion: Race and Ethnicity in the Dominican Republic

Raza unites, race divides
Multicoloring the nation: common-sense policy