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Communication : Principles for Lifetime

Communication : Principles for Lifetime - 3rd edition

Communication : Principles for Lifetime - 3rd edition

ISBN13: 9780205508938

ISBN10: 0205508936

Communication : Principles for Lifetime by Steven Beebe, Susan Beebe and Diana Ivy - ISBN 9780205508938
Cover type: Paperback
Edition: 3RD 07
Copyright: 2007
Publisher: Allyn & Bacon, Inc.
International: No
Communication : Principles for Lifetime by Steven Beebe, Susan Beebe and Diana Ivy - ISBN 9780205508938

ISBN13: 9780205508938

ISBN10: 0205508936

Cover type: Paperback
Edition: 3RD 07

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Communication helps students see the relationships among the concepts, skills, theories, and contexts of communication by anchoring all discussion around five fundamental communication principles.

Written by experienced and highly regarded textbook authors and teachers, Communication: Principles for a Lifetime provides students with all the theory and skills necessary in the introductory course-in a manner that will help them to apply what they learn throughout their lives. Understanding that the challenge in any basic communication course is teaching students the myriad of skills, principles, and theories without overwhelming them, Beebe/Beebe/Ivy emphasize five key principles of communication throughout their book:

  • Be aware of your communication with yourself and others.
  • Effectively use and interpret verbal messages.
  • Effectively use and interpret nonverbal messages.
  • Listen and respond thoughtfully to others.
  • Appropriately adapt messages to others.

Providing both comprehensive and cutting-edge content about communication organized around these five themes, Beebe/Beebe/Ivy cover all of the topics expected in the basic course in a manner that will help both instructors and their students organize the extensive range of material.


  • Pentagon model and icon--introduced in Chapter 1 and appearing on the inside cover and in the margins throughout the book--visually illustrate and help students see how text material relates to the five communication principles.
  • "Ethics and Communication" box in every chapter emphasizes ethical principles and encourage students to explore ethical issues.
  • "Technology and Communication" box in every chapter presents new, cutting-edge information about the increasingly important role of communication in society.
  • "Diversity and Communication" box in every chapter enriches students' understanding about the role of diversity in communication.
  • "Developing Your Speech Step by Step" boxes in the presentational unit illustrate one student's path toward creating and delivering an effective speech.
  • "On the Web" boxes in every chapter point to websites where students can find Internet information to enrich their study of communication.
  • "Principles for a Lifetime: Enhancing Your Skills" summaries highlight the connection between chapter topics and the five communication principles.
  • Pedagogy includes:
    • Learning objectives and chapter outlines
    • Opening quote and work of art
    • Boldface terms and marginal glossary
    • "Recaps," periodic internal summaries of key sections
    • Photographs, diagrams, and cartoons
    • "Summary," a quick review of the chapter
    • "Discussion and Review," chapter-end questions
    • "Developing Your Skills: Putting Principles into Practice," chapter-end activities

New To This Edition

  • A new emphasis on communication skills is linked with the trademark communication principles theme in the new end-of-chapter feature called "Principles for a Lifetime: Enhancing Your Skills"-now in every chapter. An annotated version of the Principles Pentagon, inside the front cover, reinforces the theme.
  • New and expanded coverage of technology and communication throughout looks at ways technology influences the way we communicate with others. Also, a new appendix features a discussion of mediated communication.
  • A new emphasis on ethical communication includes expanded coverage in Chapter 6 and a newly revised interactive ethics feature, "Ethics and Communication" where students consider ethical scenarios and answer questions that reveal their own ethical views.
  • A new feature in the Presentational Speaking section, "Developing Your Presentation Step by Step," illustrates one student's path through speech creation and delivery.
  • The accompanying MySpeechLab includes integrated video clips of selected speeches so students can see examples of the communication principles in action.
  • The research and content has been thoroughly updated throughout.