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Community Ecology

Community Ecology - 99 edition

Community Ecology - 99 edition

ISBN13: 9780865423503

ISBN10: 0865423504

Community Ecology by Peter J. Morin - ISBN 9780865423503
Edition: 99
Copyright: 1999
Publisher: Blackwell Science, Inc.
International: No
Community Ecology by Peter J. Morin - ISBN 9780865423503

ISBN13: 9780865423503

ISBN10: 0865423504

Edition: 99

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Community ecology -- the study of the patterns and processes involving two or more species -- has developed rapidly in the last two decades, driven on by new and more sophisticated research techniques, advances in mathematical theory and modeling, and the increasing pressure on the environment wrought by humans. Once a purely descriptive science it is now one of the most forward-looking areas of scientific inquiry.

Peter Morin skillfully guides us through the main tenets and central concepts of community ecology -- competition, predation, food webs, indirect effects, habitat selection, diversity, and succession.

  • Required reading for all students and practitioners interested in community phenomena, Community Ecology marks an important contribution to the development of this protean discipline.
  • First serious text on community ecology in over a decade. An active field of research for professionals -- they would benefit from a modern synthesis of the discipline.
  • Combines empirical and theoretical approaches -- stressing the link between them and offering a balanced treatment of the subject for student and professional alike.
  • Broad taxonomic and habitat coverage -- balanced between plant and animal species and among studies of marine, freshwater and terrestrial communities -- makes the text suitable for any emphasis.
  • Pedagogy -- chapter overview and conclusions, margin call-outs -- will focus students on key concepts and aid understanding.
  • Chapter on applied ecology -- students will gain an understanding of how community ecology processes have a wider environmental relevance.
  • Examples are well chosen to illustrate major concepts -- majority are drawn from North America but international examples are included.

Peter Morin is a leading experimental ecologist. This book is based the community ecology course he has been teaching for 15 years.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Part I: Communities: Basic Patterns and Elementary Processes

Competition: Mechanisms, Models and Niches

Competition: Experiments, Observations and Null Models

Predation and Communities - Empirical Patterns

Models of Predation in Simple Communities

Food Webs


Indirect Effects

Part II: Factors Influencing Interactions Among Species

Temporal Patterns: Seasonal Dyanmics, Priority Effects, and Assembly Rules

Habitat Selection

Spatial Dynamics, Recruitment-Limited Patterns, and Island Biogeography

Part III: Large Scale, Integrative, Community Phenomena

Causes and Consequences of Diversity


Applied Community Ecology


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Community Ecology by Peter J. Morin - ISBN 9781405124119