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Complete Guide to Sport Education-With CD

Complete Guide to Sport Education-With CD - rev edition

Complete Guide to Sport Education-With CD - rev edition

ISBN13: 9780736043809

ISBN10: 0736043802

Complete Guide to Sport Education-With CD by D. Siedentop, P. Hastie and H. Van Der Mars - ISBN 9780736043809
Edition: REV 04
Copyright: 2004
Publisher: Human Kinetics Publishers
International: No
Complete Guide to Sport Education-With CD by D. Siedentop, P. Hastie and H. Van Der Mars - ISBN 9780736043809

ISBN13: 9780736043809

ISBN10: 0736043802

Edition: REV 04

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents

How to Use the CD-ROM

Chapter 1 The Sport Education Model

Major Features of the Sport Education Model
Sport Education Goals
Sport Education Objectives
Differences From Youth, Community, and Interscholastic Sport
The Nature of Competition in Sport Education
Getting Started in Sport Education

Chapter 2 Sport Education Curriculum and Instruction Strategies

Sport Education Foundations
How Sport Education Fits in With Current Educational Thought
Organizing the Sport Education Curriculum
Deciding Which Activities to Include
Sport Education As Small Group Learning
Key Instructional Features of Sport Education
Helping Students Develop Games Sense
Developing Knowledgeable Games Players
Customizing Sport Education to Fit School Goals

Chapter 3 Defining Student Roles

Primary Student Roles
A Note on Refereeing
Choosing Roles for a Season
A Word on Statistics
Creating Conditions for Successful Performance
Including All Students
Sports Board and Dispute Resolution Committee

Chapter 4 Selecting Teams and Coaches

Team Size and Number of Teams
Selecting Students to Teams
Team Affiliation
Team Portfolios

Chapter 5 Creating Modified Games

Key Strategies for Modifying Games
Modifying Individual Sports
Modifying Dual Sports
Modifying Team Sports
Modifying Games Within Class
Including Students With Disabilities
Creating a Modified Sports, Games, and Activities Curriculum

Chapter 6 Designing Competition Formats

Guiding Principles
Progressive Competition Formats
Event Model
Dual-Meet Format
Round-Robin Format
Tournament Format
Nonsport Competition Formats
Culminating Events

Chapter 7 Class Management and Behavior Development

Class Management Techniques and Tactics
Developing Appropriate Behavior: Toward a Culture of Fair Play
Creating and Sustaining Energy in Sport Education
Supporting and Celebrating Management and Behavior Development

Chapter 8 Designing the Season to Accomplish Goals

Local Considerations
Defining Outcomes
Key Features for Designing a Successful Season
Preparing for the Season
A Seventh to Ninth Grade Example
Daily Schedule
Sample Lessons
A Note for First-Time Users

Chapter 9 Assessment

Authentic Assessment
Planning a Workable Assessment System
League Scoring Systems

Chapter 10 Making Sport Education Festive

Developing a Festive Daily Environment for Sport Education
Developing Culminating Events

Chapter 11 Integrating Academic Goals With Sport Education and Extending Participation

Using Sport Education Resources to Enhance Classroom Learning
Applying Classroom Studies to the Sport Education Season
Interdisciplinary Season Plans
An Integrated Curriculum: The Olympic Curriculum
Extending Participation Outside of Class

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