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Conceptual Physical Science

Conceptual Physical Science - 3rd edition

Conceptual Physical Science - 3rd edition

ISBN13: 9780321051738

ISBN10: 0321051734

Conceptual Physical Science by Leslie Hewitt, Paul Hewitt and John Suchocki - ISBN 9780321051738
Edition: 3RD 04
Copyright: 2004
Publisher: Addison-Wesley Longman, Inc.
International: No
Conceptual Physical Science by Leslie Hewitt, Paul Hewitt and John Suchocki - ISBN 9780321051738

ISBN13: 9780321051738

ISBN10: 0321051734

Edition: 3RD 04

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Conceptual Physical Science, Third Edition takes learning physical science to a new level by combining Hewitt's leading conceptual approach and friendly writing style in a new edition that provides stronger integration of the sciences, more quantitative coverage, and a wealth of new media resources (to help professors in class, and students out of class). The book's consistent, high-quality coverage includes five new chapters on chemistry, astronomy, and earth science for an even more balanced approach to physical science. New Integration icons help students connect themes and concepts throughout the book, helping students see the big picture.

Hundreds of new exercises and problems have been added to the Third Edition for instructors who want more quantitative and computational material for their course. The dynamic new media program includes hundreds of animations and interactive tutorials developed specifically for students taking physical science. Media references throughout the book point students to additional online help, and help instructors more easily integrate text and media into their course.

Features :

  • A student-centered writing style weaves real-world examples and applications into the text to capture students' attention and give them context.
  • Engaging, amusing art make rigorous scientific concepts less intimidating and visually and intellectually easier to grasp.
  • Link To boxes connect key concepts to everyday life experiences. Interspersed throughout the chapter, these boxes promote discussion of relevant topics like the environment and geology.
  • Checkpoints at the end of each section reinforce key concepts and help students test their understanding of what they have just read.
  • Computational Problems give students more practice with applying the basic concepts of science to quantitative problems, using straightforward calculations to enhance their learning.
  • End-of-chapter problems and exercises help students test their understanding of the material covered in the chapter.

New To This Edition :

  • Figuring Physical Science--in-chapter calculations--allows students to practice the quantitative skills they need to master the concepts of physical science and be able to apply their knowledge.
  • New art and design provide an integrated look and feel while retaining Hewitt's hallmark student-friendly style.
  • Science Integrated Icons connect themes and concepts throughout the book, helping students see the big picture of physical science.
  • Powerful media package includes a comprehensive suite of award-winning interactive online tutorials that offer students 24/7 help. A media grid in the front of the text shows at a glance the wealth of media available for students and professors, chapter by chapter--from in-class presentation tools to out-of-class, online learning aids.
  • Media Icons throughout the text direct students to online, award-winning interactive tutorials that further explain key concepts.
  • Expanded end-of-chapter material now includes informative experiments and activities students can do at home, as well as hundreds of new problems and exercises. A new Learning More section lists additional resources for further exploration of the topics covered in the chapter.
  • Revised Table of Contents contains five new chapters on chemistry, astronomy, and earth science for an even more balanced and integrated coverage of physical science.
  • Linear Rotational and Motion Appendix added by popular request.
  • NEW: Insight Boxes throughout the margins link the science to the fascinating world around us.

Author Bio

Hewitt, Paul G. : City College of San Francisco

Suchocki, John : Leeward Community College

Hewitt, Leslie :

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Prologue: About Science.


1. Patterns of Motion and Equilibrium.
2. Newton's Laws of Motion.
3. Momentum and Energy.
4. Newton's Law of Universal Gravitation.
5. Projectile and Satellite Motion.
6. Fluid Mechanics.
7. Thermal Energy and Thermodynamics.
8. Heat Transfer and Change of Phase.
9. Static and Current Electricity.
10. Magnetism and Electromagnetic Induction.
11. Sound Waves.
12. Light Waves.
13. Properties of Light.


14. Atoms and the Periodic Table.
15. Visualizing the Atom.
16. The Atomic Nucleus.
17. Elements of Chemistry.
18. Mixtures.
19. How Atoms Bond.
20. Molecular Attractions.
21. Chemical Reactions.
22. Acids and Bases.
23. Oxidation and Reduction.
24. Organic Compounds.


25. Minerals and How We Use Them.
26. Rocks.
27. The Dynamic Earth.
28. Water on Our World.
29. Surface Processes.
30. A Brief History of the Earth.
31. The Atmosphere, the Oceans, and Their Interactions.
32. Weather.
33. The Solar System.
34. The Stars and Beyond.
35. Special and General Relativity.
Appendix A On Measurement.
Appendix B Linear and Rotational Motion.
Appendix C Vectors.
Appendix D Exponential Growth and Doubling Time.