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Congressional Procedures and the Policy Process

Congressional Procedures and the Policy Process - 4th edition

Congressional Procedures and the Policy Process - 4th edition

ISBN13: 9780871877031

ISBN10: 0871877031

Congressional Procedures and the Policy Process by Walter J. Oleszek - ISBN 9780871877031
Edition: 4TH 96
Copyright: 1996
Publisher: Congressional Quarterly
International: No
Congressional Procedures and the Policy Process by Walter J. Oleszek - ISBN 9780871877031

ISBN13: 9780871877031

ISBN10: 0871877031

Edition: 4TH 96

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Congressional Procedures is the definitive work on how congressional rules, procedures, and traditions affect the course and content of legislation. From committee room to the floor, in the House and in the Senate, the fundamentals of lawmaking are made clear for the student of the legislative process. In a highly readable format-including dozens of lively examples, illustrations, charts, and extracts from real documents-the author explains the role of congressional leadership, illustrates the use of strategic tactics such as the Senate's filibuster, and elucidates complicated parliamentary processes such as the amendment procedure.

This edition maintains the approach, structure, and clarity of previous editions, but has been extensively updated through the first half of 1995. New to this edition is the addition of a wealth of material on changes in congressional procedures in the 1990s, including the elimination of proxy voting in committees and the super-majority vote required for passing income tax rate increases. On the staff of the Congressional Research Service, Oleszek brings invaluable insider's knowledge to discussion of congressional reform.

Other examples addressed in the book of recent changes in congressional rules and their impact include: the recentralization of power in the Speaker; the shift from restrictive to open rules; the adoption of term limits for committee chairpersons; the elimination of joint referrals; limitations on committee assignments; and more system.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Congress and Lawmaking

The Constitutional Context
Congress: An Independent Policy Maker
Functions of Rules and Procedures
Rules and Policy Making in Congress
Congressional Decision Making

Chapter 2. The Congressional Environment

The House and Senate Compared
Leadership Structure of Congress
Pressures on Members
Congress in Flux

Chapter 3. The Congressional Budget Process

Authorization-Appropriations Process
Prelude to Budget Reform
The 1974 Budget Act
Evolution of the Budget Process

Chapter 4. Preliminary Legislative Action

Categories of Legislation
Bill Referral Procedure
Consideration in Committee
Committee Chairman's Role
The Markup
The Report

Chapter 5. Scheduling Legislation in the House

The House Legislative Calendars
Minor and Noncontroversial Bills
"Privileged" Legislation
Major Legislation
Role of the Rules Committee
Legislation Blocked in Committee
Final Scheduling Steps

Chapter 6. House Floor Procedure

Adoption of the "Rule"
Committee of the Whole
General Debate
The Amending Process
Final Procedural Steps

Chapter 7. Scheduling Legislation in the Senate

Flexible Scheduling System
Noncontroversial Bills
Major Legislation
Scheduling Procedures Compared
Senate Leadership and Unanimous Consent
Breakdowns in Scheduling

Chapter 8. Senate Floor Procedure

"Legislative" and "Calendar" Days
Daily Order of Business
Debate in the Modern Senate
Bills Considered by Unanimous Consent
The Amending Process
Bills Without Unanimous Consent
Procedures to Circumvent Committees

Chapter 9. Resolving House-Senate Differences

Agreement Without a Conference
Why Conference Committees?
Conference Committee Process
Presidential Approval or Veto

Chapter 10. Legislative Oversight

Techniques of Oversight
Oversight Trends
Lack of Consensus on Oversight

Chapter 11. A Dynamic Process

Selected Bibliography