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Construction Safety

Construction Safety - 97 edition

Construction Safety - 97 edition

ISBN13: 9780133779127

ISBN10: 0133779122

Construction Safety by Jimmie W. Hinze - ISBN 9780133779127
Edition: 97
Copyright: 1997
Publisher: Prentice Hall, Inc.
International: No
Construction Safety by Jimmie W. Hinze - ISBN 9780133779127

ISBN13: 9780133779127

ISBN10: 0133779122

Edition: 97

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Written to help the future construction manager, engineer, or architect understand the basic principles and latest research in construction safety. Much more than a review of OSHA guidelines, this text summarizes the latest research in a way that managers can use immediately. There is an emphasis on the principles of accident prevention.

Highlights the influence that managers and supervisors have upon construction worker safety, recognizing safety as a managerial responsibility that cannot be delegated from person to person.

Presents the major findings of a wealth of construction safety research studies and emphasizes that these conclusions are not hypothetical, but are supported by solid construction research.

Illustrates key points through figures, case studies and examples to provide visual, actual representations of the concepts described.

Covers topics not commonly addressed, such as theories on accident causation, contract provisions dealing with safety, the role of project coordination in safety and the role played by designers in safety.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents


1. Injury Accidents and Their Causes.

2. When Do Injuries Occur?

3. The True Costs of Construction Worker Injuries.

4. OSHA.

5. Problem Areas in Construction Safety.

6. Elements of an Effective Safety Program.

7. Job-Site Safety Assessment.

8. Safety Meetings.

9. Safety Incentives.

10. Safety in Construction Contracts.

11. Substance Abuse.

12. Safety Record Keeping.

13. Safety Culture.

14. Safe Workers.

15. Safety and First-Line Supervisors (Foremen).

16. Safety and Middle Managers (Superintendents).

17. Top Management Practices, Company Activities, and Safety.

18. Safety Personnel.

19. Subcontractor Safety.

20. Project Coordination and Construction Safety.

21. Owners and Construction Safety.

22. Designer Influence on Construction Worker Safety.

Key Terms.