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Construction Specifications Writing : Principles and Procedures

Construction Specifications Writing : Principles and Procedures - 5th edition

Construction Specifications Writing : Principles and Procedures - 5th edition

ISBN13: 9780471432043

ISBN10: 0471432040

Construction Specifications Writing : Principles and Procedures by Harold J. Rosen and John Regener - ISBN 9780471432043
Edition: 5TH 05
Copyright: 2005
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
International: No
Construction Specifications Writing : Principles and Procedures by Harold J. Rosen and John Regener - ISBN 9780471432043

ISBN13: 9780471432043

ISBN10: 0471432040

Edition: 5TH 05

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The updated edition of the comprehensive rulebook to the specifier's craft

This Fifth Edition of Construction Specifications Writing: Principles and Practices is a major update and expansion of the foremost textbook on construction specifications. It is a comprehensive, practical, and professional guide to understanding the purposes and processes for preparation of construction specifications.

This new edition reflects current practices in writing construction specifications according to the well-established principles and requirements of major professional associations, including the American Institute of Architects (AIA), the Engineers Joint Contract Documents Committee (EJCDC), and the Construction Specifications Institute (CSI).

Examples of real-world construction specifications and industry-standard construction contract documents are generously provided along with guidelines for correct terminology, product selection, organization of specifications according to recognized CSI formats, and practical techniques for document production.

Construction Specifications Writing: Principles and Practices is an insightful textbook for students and professionals in development and continuing education classes, as well as a reliable reference for practicing architects and engineers.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Authors' Overview and Preview.
Specifiers' Comments.
Introduction to Principles and Procedures of Specifications Writing.

Chapter 1. The Role of the Specifications.

Documents for Construction.
Bidding Documents.
Contract Documents.

Chapter 2. Relationship between Drawings and Specifications.

What Goes Where.
The Drawings.
The Specifications.
Coordinating the Design Process.
Considerations for Users of Drawings and Specifications.

Chapter 3. Organization of Specifications.

History of Specification Organization.
Organizing Specifications Divisions and Sections.
CSI/CSC Masterformat.
Using Masterformat.

Chapter 4. The Project Manual and Specifications Sections.

The Project Manual Concept.

Chapter 5. Format for Specifications Sections.

Need for Formats for Specifications Sections.
Using Sectionformat.
CSI Sectionformat.

Chapter 6. Types of Specifications.

Methods for Writing Specifications.

Chapter 7. Specifications Writing Principles.

Determining Content for the Specifications.

Chapter 8. Bidding Requirements.

Three Basic Bidding Documents.

Chapter 9. General Conditions of the Contract.

Contractual Relationships.

Chapter 10. Supplementary Conditions of the Contract.

Supplementary Conditions.
Conclusion and Examples.

Chapter 11. Bonds, Guaranties and Warranties.

Guaranties and Warranties.

Chapter 12. Division 1. General Requirements.

Scope of Division 1.
Relationship of Division 1 Sections to other Documents.
Writing Division 1 Sections.

Chapter 13. Modifications.

Modifications to Bidding and Contract Documents.
Change Orders.
Other Modifications.

Chapter 14. Specifications Language.

General Precepts.

Chapter 15. Specifications Resources.

Construction Specification Resources.

Chapter 16. Products Selection.

Product Selection Factors.
Mandated Requirements.
Design Criteria.
Using Performance Characteristics.
New Products Considerations.
Substitutions and Product Options.
Using Product Information Resources.
Communicating and Recording of Product Selections.

Chapter 17. Specifications Writing Procedures.

Getting Started.
Product Selections.
Project Information.
Specifications Format.
Specifying Method.
SsSpecifications Detail.
Order of Sections to be Produced.
Editing and Writing Specification Text.
Specifications Checklists.

Chapter 18. Master Guide Specifications.

Specification Guides and Intact Masters.
Public Agency Master Guide Specifications.
Commercial Guide Specifications.
Office Master Guide Specifications.

Chapter 19. Computer-Assisted Specifications.

The First Four Decades of Automation.
Transforming the Specification Process.
Word Processing Software.
Computers and Peripheral Equipment.
Word Processing Enhancements for Specifications.
Knowledge Based, Computer-Assisted Specifications.

Chapter 20. Preliminary Project Descriptions (PPD).

Preliminary Project Description (PPD).
Computer-Assisted PPD's.

Chapter 21. Outline and Shortform Specifications.

Outline vs. Shortform Specifications.
Outline Specifications.
Shortform Specifications.

Appendix A. Project Manual Checklist.
Appendix B. Sample Division 1. General Requirements.
Appendix C. Sample Preliminary Project Description (PPD).
Appendix D. Sample Outline Specifications.
Appendix E. Sample AIA Documents.
Appendix F. Sample EJCDC Documents.

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