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Consumer Economic Issues in America

Consumer Economic Issues in America - 8th edition

Consumer Economic Issues in America - 8th edition

ISBN13: 9780759320185

ISBN10: 0759320187

Consumer Economic Issues in America by E. Thomas Garman - ISBN 9780759320185
Edition: 8TH 03
Copyright: 2003
Publisher: Thomson Custom Solutions Center
International: No
Consumer Economic Issues in America by E. Thomas Garman - ISBN 9780759320185

ISBN13: 9780759320185

ISBN10: 0759320187

Edition: 8TH 03

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The eighth edition of Consumer Economic Issues in America, is a comprehensive update of one of the most thorough and readable texts in the field. The text is straightforward and highlights the fundamental consumer economic issues affecting all consumers. Author E. Thomas Garman educates and empowers students as they gain knowledge of their rights and responsibilities as consumers. An emphasis is placed on understanding the American economic system, consumer concepts, evaluative criteria and environmental issues. The book takes a normative, pro-consumer viewpoint.


  • Sixty consumer laws in one chapter are a handy "life reference" for self, friends and family.
  • Sample letters include complaint to merchant, correct credit card statement errors, supervisor, dispute credit report information, internship, employment.
  • Key economics topics are highlighted in seventeen boxed inserts in non-technical language.
  • "Issue for Debate" is a series of boxed inserts that introduce controversial consumer issues and ask students to consider, then accept or reject alternate points of view.
  • Top-Ten Lists of big corporations that fix prices, advertise lies and sell unsafe products.
  • Chapter Features include an End-of-Chapter Review of Key Terms and Concepts that allows students to relate the economic concepts presented in class and gain confidence in using the knowledge outside the classroom.

Author Bio

Garman, E. Thomas : Professor Emeritus, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

1. What Is the Consumer Interest?

2. The Consumer Movement.

3. Consumer Rights, Responsibilities and Remedies.

4. Rip-offs and Frauds in the Marketplace.

5. Laws That Help Consumers.

6. The Capitalistic American Marketplace.

7. Economic Concepts Critical to Consumer Success.

8. Consumers in the Global Marketplace.

9. Government Regulation of Economic Interests.

10. Government Regulation of Consumer Interests.

11. Policymaking and Consumer Issues.

12. Decision Making in Today's Complex Society.

13. The Planned Buying Process.

14. Food Issues.

15. Health Care Issues.

16. Product Safety Issues.

17. Banking, Credit and Housing Issues.

18. Insurance and Investment Issues.

Appendix: Careers in Consumer Affairs.