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Contemporary College Algebra - With CD

Contemporary College Algebra - With CD - 2nd edition

Contemporary College Algebra - With CD - 2nd edition

ISBN13: 9780534466565

ISBN10: 0534466567

Contemporary College Algebra - With CD by Thomas W. Hungerford - ISBN 9780534466565
Cover type: Hardback
Edition: 2ND 05
Copyright: 2005
Publisher: Brooks/Cole Publishing Co.
International: No
Contemporary College Algebra - With CD by Thomas W. Hungerford - ISBN 9780534466565

ISBN13: 9780534466565

ISBN10: 0534466567

Cover type: Hardback
Edition: 2ND 05

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Thomas Hungerford's CONTEMPORARY COLLEGE ALGEBRA is known and well respected for its thorough integration of the graphing calculator, clear writing, and outstanding applications problems. Many adopters laud the use of real data in examples and exercises, and they appreciate the flexibility of the book's organization. This market-leading text is now accompanied by an outstanding array of innovative supplements that facilitate teaching and enhance learning, such as iLrn--a robust suite of online course management, testing, and tutorial resources for instructor and student, with vMentor live online tutoring. The text also includes a free Interactive Video Skillbuilder CD-ROM with MathCue, and a Book Companion Web Site featuring online graphing calculator resources.


  • NEW! Real data in examples and exercises have been updated to help motivate students, and many new exercises have been added to support modeling.
  • NEW! Preloaded with content and available free via PIN code when packaged with this text, WebTutor ToolBox pairs all the content of this text's rich Book Companion Web Site with all the sophisticated course management functionality of a WebCT or Blackboard product. It's an ideal solution for online and distance learning needs.
  • "Graphing Explorations." Important concepts are explored from algebraic, graphical, and numerical perspectives. Students are expected to participate actively in the development of these concepts by using graphing calculators or computers, as directed in the "Graphing Explorations," either to complete a particular discussion or to explore appropriate examples.
  • Although many (if not most) students now arrive at college with a graphing calculator, a surprisingly large number of them have almost no idea how powerful a tool it can be. Consequently, this book has several technology-assistance features to help students get the most out of their calculators.
  • "Calculator Investigations." In the early sections of the book, "Calculator Investigations" precede the exercise sets and encourage students to become familiar with the capabilities and limitations of calculators.
  • "Technology Tips." Although the discussion of technology in the text is as generic as possible, "Technology Tips" in the margin provide information and assistance with carrying out various procedures on specific calculator models.
  • "Chapter Openers." Each chapter begins with a brief example of an application of the mathematics treated in that chapter, together with a reference to an appropriate exercise. The opener also lists the titles of the sections in the chapter and includes a diagram showing their interdependence (thus making it easy for instructors to rearrange the order to suit the needs of a particular class.)
  • "Discovery Projects." Each chapter ends with an investigative problem (suitable for small group work) that enables students to apply some of the mathematics in the chapter to solve a real-world problem.
  • "Chapter Reviews." Each chapter concludes with a list of important concepts (referenced by section and page number), a summary of important facts and formulas, and a set of review questions.
  • "Cautions." Students are alerted to common errors and misconceptions (both mathematical and technological) by clearly marked "Caution" boxes.
  • "Thinkers." Some exercise sets include problems labeled "Thinkers," many of which are not difficult but simply different from what students may have seen before.
  • NEW! A "Catalog of Basic Functions" now appears at appropriate places in the text and on the endpapers, allowing students to quickly reference these key ideas.
  • "Geometry Review." Frequently used facts from plane geometry are summarized, with examples, in an appendix.
  • "Program Appendix." The appendix provides a small number of programs that are useful either for updating older calculators (such as a table maker program for the TI-85 and a RREF program for the TI-82 and Casio 9850) or for carrying out certain procedures discussed in the text (such as synthetic division).
  • NEW! There is now an optional section on variation for those who want to cover this topic.
  • NEW! "Technology Tips" have been simplified and made more easily readable.
  • NEW! Fuller treatment of congruent and similar triangles has been added to the Geometry Review Appendix to help students who are weak in Geometry.
  • NEW! Many Discovery Projects have been replaced with more interesting topics.
  • NEW! Every new copy of this text is packaged with iLrn Tutorial, our suite of online, dynamic, customizable tutorial resources that puts tools for students' content mastery at their fingertips. By entering a PIN code packaged with their textbook, students gain access to text-specific tutorials with step-by-step explanations, exercises and quizzes, and vMentor--live, one-on-one online help from an experienced mathematics tutor.
  • NEW! For instructors, iLrn offers highly customizable testing, course management, and diagnostic online resources that provide a dynamic way to power your course.
  • NEW! Our student mastery system also includes the Interactive Video Skillbuilder CD-ROM. Think of it as portable office hours! Free with every copy of this text, the Interactive Video Skillbuilder CD-ROM contains more than eight hours of video instruction and includes MathCue Tutorial Software and graphing calculator tutorials.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents


The Real Number System. Special Topics: Decimal Representation of Real Numbers. Integral Exponents. Roots, Radicals, and Rational Exponents. Polynomials. Factoring. Rational Expressions. Chapter 0 Review. Discovery Project 0.


The Coordinate Plane. Graphs and Graphing Technology. Lines. Linear Models. Chapter 1 Review. Discovery Project 1.


First-Degree Equations and Applications. Special Topics: Variation. Quadratic Equations and Applications. Solving Equations Graphically and Numerically. Polynomial, Radical, and Absolute Value Equations. Linear Inequalities. Polynomial and Rational Inequalities. Chapter 2 Review. Discovery Project 2.


Functions. Functional Notation. Graphs of Functions. Special Topics: Parametric Graphing. Graphs and Transformations. Special Topics: Symmetry. Operations on Functions. Rates of Change. Special Topics: Instantaneous Rates of Change. Chapter 3 Review. Discovery Project 3.


Quadratic Functions and Models. Polynomial Functions and Roots. Special Topics: Synthetic Division. Graphs of Polynomial Functions. Special Topics: Optimization Applications. Polynomial Models. Rational Functions. Special Topics: Other Rational Functions. Complex Numbers. The Fundamental Theorem of Algebra. Chapter 4 Review. Discovery Project 4.


Exponential Functions. Applications of Exponential Functions. Common and Natural Logarithmic Functions. Properties of Logarithms. Special Topics: Logarithms to Other Bases. Solving Exponential and Logarithmic Equations Algebraically. Exponential, Logarithmic, and Other Models. Inverse Functions. Chapter 5 Review. Discovery Project 5.


Systems of Linear Equations in Two Variables. Special Topics: Systems of Nonlinear Equations. Large Systems of Linear Equations. Matrix Solution Methods. Matrix Methods for Square Systems. Special Topics: Matrix Algebra. Systems of Linear Inequalities. Introduction to Linear Programming. Chapter 6 Review. Discovery Project 6.


Sequences and Sums. Arithmetic Sequences. Geometric Sequences. Special Topics: Infinite Series. The Binomial Theorem. Permutations and Combinations. Special Topics: Distinguishable Permutations. Introduction to Probability. Mathematical Induction. Chapter 7 Review. Discovery Project 7.


Circles and Ellipses. Hyperbolas. Parabolas. Special Topics: Rotations and Second-Degree Equations. Chapter 8 Review. Discovery Project 8.

Geometry Review Appendix.
Program Appendix.

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Contemporary College Algebra / With CD by Thomas W. Hungerford - ISBN 9780534432324