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Controversial Issues in Policing

Controversial Issues in Policing - 99 edition

Controversial Issues in Policing - 99 edition

ISBN13: 9780205272099

ISBN10: 0205272096

Controversial Issues in Policing by James Sewell and Steven Egger - ISBN 9780205272099
Cover type: Paperback
Edition: 99
Copyright: 1999
Publisher: Allyn & Bacon, Inc.
International: No
Controversial Issues in Policing by James Sewell and Steven Egger - ISBN 9780205272099

ISBN13: 9780205272099

ISBN10: 0205272096

Cover type: Paperback
Edition: 99

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Utilizing a unique debate format, this criminal justice book addresses some of the most controversial, topical issues in policing today. Drawing on previously unpublished materials, the book includes contributions by well known authors from a variety of backgrounds and perspectives, all with expertise in their particular topic and an enthusiasm for debating that is guaranteed to hold reader interest. The unique "Yes/No/Rejoinder" format lets the reader examine both sides of each issue without researching additional sources.

Part I discusses the legal framework in which police operate; topics include interpretation of the Fourth Amendment, civil forfeiture, a police officer bill of rights, and juvenile curfews. Part II looks at police personnel practices, including education and contracts. Part III asks questions about the police organization, including its paramilitary structure, the existence of a subculture, and the effectiveness of pursuits. In Part IV community policing issues are covered, including the role of citizen review boards and the media.

For anyone interested in hot topics and current issues in law enforcement.

Author Bio

Sewell, James D. : Florida Department of Law Enforcement

Egger, Steven A. : University of Illinois, Springfield

Table of Contents

Table of Contents



1. The Changing Fourth Amendment: An Inevitable Evolution or an Unfortunate Devolution?

An Inevitable Evolution, Paula C. Coffman.

An Unfortunate Devolution, Mark R. Brown.

2. Civil Forfeiture in Law Enforcement: An Effective Tool or Cash Register Justice?

An Effective Tool, Carl W. Hawkins, Jr.

Cash Register Justice, Thomas E. Payne.

3. A Police Officer's Bill of Rights: A Needed Protection for Cops?

Yes, Hal Johnson.

No, Michael Scott.

4. Are Juvenile Curfews a Legal and Effective Way to Reduce Juvenile Crime?

Yes, Lee Freeman O'Brien.

No, Paul Joseph.


5. Should a College Degree Be Required for Today's Law Enforcement Officer?

Yes, Michael J. Palmiotto.

No, Max L. Bromley.

6. College-Educated Cops: Is the Time Now?

Yes, Randall L. Garner.

No, R. Lynn.

7. Police Executive Contracts: Are They a Foundation for Successful Tenure?

Yes, Gerald L. Williams and Sutham Cheurprakobkit.

No, William E. Kirchoff.


8. Are Ethical Problems in Policing a Function of Poor Organizational Communications?

Yes, Susan Braunstein.

No, Mitchell L. Tyre.

9. Is It Time to Change Law Enforcement's Paramilitary Structure?

Yes, Carol E. Rasor.

No, Sheldon F. Greenberg.

10. Is There a Distinct Subculture in American Policing?

Yes, Susan L. Sayles.

No, James S. Albritton.

11. Is It Time for Police Agencies to Eliminate Pursuits?

Yes, Michael S. McCampbell

No, Sheldon F. Greenberg.


12. Do We Need a War on Crime or Peace in the 'Hood?

War on Crime, William G. Doerner.

Peace in the 'Hood, Gene Stephens.

13. Community Policing: A More Efficacious Police Response or Simply Inflated Promises?

A More Efficacious Response, David L. Carter.

Simply Inflated Promises, James S. Albritton.

14. Do Citizen Review Boards Provide a Needed Oversight of Police Practices?

Yes, Alana W. Ennis.

No, William H. Moulder.

15. Is the Media a Friend of Law Enforcement?

Yes, Lucy Morgan.

No, Arnold A. Gibbs.