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Conversations With Cezanne

Conversations With Cezanne - 01 edition

Conversations With Cezanne - 01 edition

ISBN13: 9780520225190

ISBN10: 0520225198

Conversations With Cezanne by Michael  Ed. Doran and Julie Lawrence  Translator Cochran - ISBN 9780520225190
Cover type: Paperback
Edition: 01
Copyright: 2001
Publisher: University of California Press
International: No
Conversations With Cezanne by Michael  Ed. Doran and Julie Lawrence  Translator Cochran - ISBN 9780520225190

ISBN13: 9780520225190

ISBN10: 0520225198

Cover type: Paperback
Edition: 01

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Michael Doran has gathered texts by contemporaries of Paul Cézanne (1839-1906)--including artists, critics, and writers--that illuminate the influential painter's philosophy of art especially in his late years. The book includes historically important essays by a dozen different authors, including Emile Bernard, Joaquim Gasquet, Maurice Denis, and Ambroise Vollard, along with selections from Cézanne's own letters.

In addition to the material included in the original French edition of the book, which has also been published in German, Italian, Spanish, and Japanese, this edition contains an introduction written especially for it by noted Cézanne scholar Richard Shiff. The book closes with Lawrence Gowing's magisterial essay, "The Logic of Organized Sensations," first published in 1977 and long out of print.

Cézanne's work, and the thinking that lay behind it, have been of inestimable importance to the artists who followed him. This gathering of writings will be of enormous interest to artists, writers, art historians--indeed to all students of modern art.

Author Bio

Doran, Michael (Ed.) : Courtauld Institute

Michael Doran, who is both an art historian and a practicing artist, was formerly the Librarian of the Courtauld Institute in London.

Cochran, Julie Lawrence (Translator) :

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Introduction by Richard Shiff


Gustave Geffroy: Excerpt from Claude Monet, His Life, His Times, His Works
Ambroise Vollard: Excerpt from Paul Cézanne
Léo Larguier: Excerpt from Sunday with Paul Cézanne
Jules Borély: 'Cézanne at Aix' (L'Art Vivant)
Emile Bernard: Letter to His Mother (5 February 1904)
Paul Cézanne: Letters to Emile Bernard (April to June, 1904)
Emile Bernard: 'Paul Cézanne' (L'Occident)
Paul Cézanne: Letters to Emile Bernard (July 1904 to September 1906)
Emile Bernard: 'Memories of Paul Cézanne' (Mercure de France)
Francis Jourdain: Excerpt from Cézanne
R. P. Rivière and J. F. Schnerb: 'The Studio of Cézanne' (La Grande Revue)
Maurice Denis: Excerpt from the Journal
Karl Ernst Osthaus: 'A Visit to Paul Cézanne' (Das Feuer)
Paul Cézanne: My Confessions


Joachim Gasquet: 'What He Said to Me' (excerpt from Cézanne)
Emile Bernard: 'A Conversation with Cézanne' (Mercure de France)
Maurice Denis: 'Cézanne' (excerpt from Theories)
Lawrence Gowing: 'The Logic of Organized Sensations'