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Counseling Children

Counseling Children - 5th edition

Counseling Children - 5th edition

ISBN13: 9780534363277

ISBN10: 053436327X

Counseling Children by Charles L. Thompson and Linda B. Rudolph - ISBN 9780534363277
Edition: 5TH 00
Copyright: 2000
Publisher: Brooks/Cole Publishing Co.
International: No
Counseling Children by Charles L. Thompson and Linda B. Rudolph - ISBN 9780534363277

ISBN13: 9780534363277

ISBN10: 053436327X

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Acclaimed for its ability to translate theory into practice, this text covers the most practical and up-to-date methods that readers can use to develop effective approaches for counseling children. The text defines and describes the counseling process, answering questions often asked by first time counselors. The text includes valuable information on subjects such as play therapy, consultation, group counseling, counseling children from different cultures, counseling exceptional children, counseling children with special concerns (i.e. abuse, divorce) and legal and ethical considerations. Real case examples illustrate various counseling and consulting techniques to help readers see "therapy in action."

Presents nine established counseling theories used in working with children presenting techniques based on those theories as well as their application to children.

The introductory section on counseling children provides information on what causes children's problems, why some children are more resilient when facing problems than others are, developmental information on children, and a description of the counseling process.

The second section of the text concentrates on counseling theories and techniques and their application to children, covering nine established counseling theories used in working with children.

Each theory chapter includes the following common components: a biographical sketch, a philosophical statement by the theorist, a discussion and application of the theory and methods used in practice, case histories and current research.

Theory chapters integrate coverage of diversity and guidelines for working with managed care.

New Chapter 5 on Brief Counseling gives readers theoretical perspectives and practical application for this type of counseling which is growing because of trends in service delivery and the emergence of managed care.

New Chapter 13 on Counseling Children From Different Cultures provides readers with issues to consider when working with children from a different culture than their own. Cultures presented include African American, Native American, Asian American, Latino and Biracial cultures.

New Web site listings included at the end of every chapter, including those for the American Counseling Association, Behavior OnLine: An Introduction to Gestalt Therapy, Sigmund Freud Museum Vienna Homepage and Family Therapy Homepage.

New case studies of actual counseling sessions.

Updated literature in all chapters.

Every theory chapter includes information on how to work with different cultural groups and how to meet managed care guidelines, both based on that theory's perspective.

Expanded Chapter 4 on Reality Therapy to include Glasser's newest work on choice theory.

Revised and improved Chapter 14 on Play Therapy.

Chapter 12 on Family Counseling now incorporates explanations and examples of genograms so readers can learn to integrate them into counseling with families.

Incorporates genograms and how to use them in Chapter 12 on Family Counseling.

Expanded section in Chapter 17 on Counseling Children with Special Concerns to include more information on violent behavior in children including gang activity.

All of the cases in Chapter 19 on Legal and Ethical Considerations for Counselors are new, represent ethical dilemmas that arise when counseling children, and reflect situations often asked about in licensing exams.

New Student Manual includes exercises and explanations to help students grasp theories and skills.

Expanded Instructor's Manual with test items and transparency masters.

Author Bio

Thompson, Charles L. : University of Tennessee, Knoxville

Rudolph, Linda B. : Senior Officer for Policy and Planning at the Tennessee Higher Education Commission

Table of Contents

Table of Contents


1. Introduction to a Child's World.
2. The Counseling Process.


3. Psychoanalytic Counseling.
4. Reality Therapy.
5. Brief Counseling: Solution-Focused and Paradoxical Counseling Strategies.
6. Person-Centered Counseling.
7. Gestalt Therapy.
8. Rational-Emotive-Behavior Therapy and Cognitive-Behavior Therapy.
9. Behavioral Counseling.
10. Transactional Analysis.
11. Individual Psychology.
12. Family Counseling.


13. Counseling with Children from Different Cultures.
14. Play Therapy.
15. Consultation.
16. Group Processes with Children.
17. Counseling Children with Special Concerns.
18. Counseling with Exceptional Children.
19. Legal and Ethical Considerations for Counselors.

Appendix A: Children's Conflicts with Others: Alternatives for Intervention.
Appendix B: Children's Conflicts with Self: Alternatives for Intervention.
Appendix C: American Counseling Association Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice.
Appendix D: Ethical Principles of Psychologists and Code of Conduct: American Psychological Association.
Appendix E: Code of Ethics: National Association of Social Workers.