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Course in Phonology

Course in Phonology - 99 edition

Course in Phonology - 99 edition

ISBN13: 9780631213468

ISBN10: 0631213465

Course in Phonology by Iggy Roca and Wyn Johnson - ISBN 9780631213468
Cover type: Print On Demand
Edition: 99
Copyright: 1999
Publisher: Blackwell Publishers
International: No
Course in Phonology by Iggy Roca and Wyn Johnson - ISBN 9780631213468

ISBN13: 9780631213468

ISBN10: 0631213465

Cover type: Print On Demand
Edition: 99

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This textbook presupposes no prior knowledge of phonology or phonetics, and takes the learner step by step through the various stages and areas of the discipline without sacrificing rigor or breadth of coverage. The book's extraordinary clarity makes it readily understandable by anyone with a keen interest in phonology.

The substance of phonology is more constant and more general than the limitations inherent in any particular theory or formalism may suggest. The book therefore provides a coherent account for beginner-students, rooted primarily - but by no means exclusively - in the phonology of English. No particular theory or formal apparatus is preferred over another; instead, the essence of phonology is provided in the most neutral possible way, for the maximum benefit of the reader. The book avoids entanglement in doctrinal disputes and formal minutiae, and aims instead for the general and the permanent.

The book reviews all the major advances that have taken place in generative phonology over the past thirty years, including the recent Optimality Theory. Its many pedagogical features encourage interaction with the reader, and include a wealth of check-points, chapter previews and summaries, lists of key points, and exercises for further practice.

Author Bio

IGGY ROCA : Essex University

Iggy Roca is Professor in the Department of Language and Linguistics at the University of Essex. He specializes in phonology and is the author of Generative Phonology (1994) and the editor of Derivations and Constraints in Phonology (1997).

WYN JOHNSON : Essex University

Wyn Johnson wrote her doctorate on the lexical phonology of French, and has been teaching phonology at the University of Essex since 1983.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Readings Logistics.
Key to Symbols.

Part I: Phonetics and Phonology:

1. How Are Sounds Made? The Production of Obstruents.
2. Introducing Phonology. Assimilation.
3. Sonorant Consonants.
4. Natural Classes of Sounds: Distinctive Features.
5. Vowel Sounds: Cardinal Vowels.
6. Phonological Processes Involving Vowel Features.
7. The Vowels of English.
8. The Timing Tier. The Great Vowel Shift.

Part II: Suprasegmental Structure:

9. The Syllable.
10. Syllable Complexity: English Phonotactics.
11. The Phenomenon of Stress: Rhythm.
12. Metrical Principles and Parameters.
13. Syllable Weight. Further Metrical Machinery.
14. Tonal Phonology.

Part III: Advanced Theory:

15. Modes of Rule Application. The Cycle.
16. Domains of Rule Application: Lexical and Prosodic Phonology.
17. Aspects of Lexical Representations: Underspecification, Markedness and Feature Geometry.
18. Rules and Derivations.
19. Constraints: Optimality Theory.
20. Looking Back and Moving On.

Index of Languages.
Index of Names.
Index of Subjects.