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Course of Mexican History

Course of Mexican History - 8th edition

Course of Mexican History - 8th edition

ISBN13: 9780195178364

ISBN10: 019517836X

Course of Mexican History by Michael C. Meyer - ISBN 9780195178364
Edition: 8TH 07
Copyright: 2007
Publisher: Oxford University Press
International: No
Course of Mexican History by Michael C. Meyer - ISBN 9780195178364

ISBN13: 9780195178364

ISBN10: 019517836X

Edition: 8TH 07

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Mexico's political, social, and economic landscapes have shifted in very striking ways in recent years, and the country now moves cautiously into the twenty-first century. The Course of Mexican History has been updated and revised to address these remarkable transformations. This eighth edition offers a completely up-to-date, lively, and engaging survey from pre-Columbian times to the present.

For this new edition, the authors have streamlined the text, making it more concise and readable without diluting its broad scope. The book now features an updated section evaluating the presidency of Vicente Fox from 2000 to 2006 and a sixteen-page color insert that vividly illustrates the links between Mexico's history and arts. It also includes 200 photos and drawings, thirteen maps for ease of reference, and an appendix listing all Mexican heads of state, from Tenoch through Fox. The leading textbook in its field, The Course of Mexican History is indispensable for students of Mexican history, politics, economics, and culture.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

PART I: Pre Columbian Mexico

1. The First Mexicans
2. Mexico's Golden Age: The Classic Period
3. Times of Trouble: Post-Classic Mexico
4. The Rise of the Aztecs
5. Aztec Society and Culture

PART II: Colliding Worlds

6. The Spanish Invasion
7. The Settlement of New Spain

PART III: The Colony of New Spain

8. The Imperial System Entrenched
9. The Colonial Economy
10. The Colonial Church
11. Colonial Society: Race and Social Status
12. Culture and Daily Life in New Spain

PART IV: Reform and Reaction: The Move to Independence

13. The Bourbons Restructure New Spain
14. Society and Stress in the Late Colonial Period
15. The Wars for Independence
16. The First Mexican Empire

PART V: The Trials of Nationhood, 1824-55

17. The Early Mexican Republic, 1824-33
18. Santa Anna, the Centralized State and the War with the United States
19. Society and Culture in the First Half of the Nineteenth Century

PART VI: Liberals and Conservatives Search for Something Better, 1855-76

20. The Reform and the French Intervention
21. The Restored Republic 1867-76: Nascent Modernization
22. Society and Culture in the Middle of the Nineteenth Century

PART VII: The Modernization of Mexico, 1876-1910

23. The Porfiriato: Order and Progress
24. The Costs of Modernization
25. Society and Culture During the Porfiriato

PART VIII: The Revolution: The Military Phase, 1910-20

26. The Liberal Indictment and the Overthrow of Diaz
27. Madero and the Failure of Democracy
28. Huerta and the Failure of Dictatorship
29. The Illusory Quest for a Better Way
30. Society and Culture During the Age of Violence

PART IX: The Revolution: The Constructive Phase, 1920-40

31. Alvaro Obregon Cautiously Implements the Constitution
32. Mexico Under Plutarco Calles, 1924-34
33. Cardenas Carries the Revolution to the Left
34. Society and Culture from Obregon to Cardenas

PART X: The Revolution Shifts Gears and Run Out of Gas: Mexico Since 1940

35. From Revolution to Evolution, 1940-58
36. The Lull Before the Storm, 1958-76
37. The Tensions of Development and Democratization, 1976-1988
38. Mexico Since 1988: The Post-Revolutionary Era
39. Society and Culture Since World War II

Appendix: Mexican Heads of State