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Creative Writer's Craft: Lessons in Poetry, Fiction, and Drama

Creative Writer's Craft: Lessons in Poetry, Fiction, and Drama - 99 edition

Creative Writer's Craft: Lessons in Poetry, Fiction, and Drama - 99 edition

ISBN13: 9780844257167

ISBN10: 0844257168

Creative Writer
Cover type: Paperback
Edition: 99
Copyright: 1999
Publisher: National Textbook Co.
International: No
Creative Writer

ISBN13: 9780844257167

ISBN10: 0844257168

Cover type: Paperback
Edition: 99

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This exciting new text offers students the opportunity to explore and develop crafting skills for writing various types of poems, short stories, and one-act plays. The lessons and writing activities encourage students to develop a writer's attitude, embracing the writing process rather than the final result.

This approach invites students to slow down and deliberately savor the creative process by exploring and experimenting with the elements of poetry, short stories, and plays. The Creative Writer's Craft encourages students to embrace the journey, not the final destination.

  • Establishes a solid foundation for writing creatively.

  • Encourages students to become attuned to the methods real writers use to accomplish their art.

  • Provides a series of writing activities that lead to a finished product.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Writing Creatively

Chapter 1 Writing the Creative Way

Creating Poetry

Chapter 2 Narrating a Simple Conflict:

Dramatic Situation, Meaning, and Verb Usage

Chapter 3 Drawing an Unusual Comparison:

Metaphor, Simile, Extended Metaphor, and Stanza

Chapter 4 Writing from Daily Life:

Imagery, Direct Address, and Free Verse

Chapter 5 Mining the Memory:

Memory and Imagination, Imagery, and Diction

Chapter 6 Creating the Illogical World:

Imagination, Third-Person Point of View, and Line Break

Chapter 7 Creating from Sentences and Words:

Sentence Control, Diction, and Cutting

Creating Fiction

Chapter 8 Talking on the Back Porch:

Leads, Conflict, First-Person Point of View, Dialogue, and Repetition

Chapter 9 Transforming Memory to Fiction:

Setting, Movement, and Theme

Chapter 10 Keeping Your Distance:

Third-Person Objective Point of View, Suspense, and Tone

Chapter 11 Moving Inside a Character:

Psychological Conflict, Flashback, and Imagery

Chapter 12 Revisiting Your Craft, Repeating Your Story:

Conflict, Repetition and Theme

Creating Drama

Chapter 13 Exploring the Elements of Plays:

Dramatic Characters, Dialogue, Structure, Conflict, and Action

Chapter 14 Expanding Dramatic Possibilities:

Three-Character Conflict, Twists and Turns, and Discovery or Reversal