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Credit Risk : Pricing, Measurement, and Management

Credit Risk : Pricing, Measurement, and Management - 03 edition

Credit Risk : Pricing, Measurement, and Management - 03 edition

ISBN13: 9780691090467

ISBN10: 0691090467

Credit Risk : Pricing, Measurement, and Management by Duffie - ISBN 9780691090467
Cover type: Hardback
Edition: 03
Copyright: 2003
Publisher: Princeton University Press
International: No
Credit Risk : Pricing, Measurement, and Management by Duffie - ISBN 9780691090467

ISBN13: 9780691090467

ISBN10: 0691090467

Cover type: Hardback
Edition: 03
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Overall, the book succeeds in motivating the reader to consider the alternative approaches to modeling credit risk. . . . Although the book is technically rigorous, the presentation is straightforward so even a casual reader will learn from the authors' insights. Moreover, the seasoned analyst will benefit from the concise summary of many existing techniques.

Author Bio

Kenneth J. Singleton is the C.O.G. Miller Distinguished Professor of Finance at the Graduate School of Business, Stanford University.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Preface xi
Acknowledgments xiii

1. Introduction 1 1.1. A Brief Zoology of Risks 3 1.2. Organization of Topics 7

2. Economic Principles of Risk Management 12 2.1. What Types of Risk Count Most?13 2.2. Economics of Market Risk 15 2.3. Economic Principles of Credit Risk 26 2.4. Risk Measurement 29 2.5. Measuring Credit Risk 38

3. Default Arrival: Historical Patterns and Statistical Models 43 3.1. Introduction 43 3.2. Structural Models of Default Probability 53 3.3. From Theor to Practice: Using Distance to Default to Predict Default 57 3.4. Default Intensity 59 3.5. Examples of Intensity Models 64 3.6. Default-Time Simulation 72 3.7. Statistical Prediction of Bankruptcy 74

4. Ratings Transitions: Historical Patterns and Statistical Models 85 4.1. Average Transition Frequencies 85 4.2. Ratings Risk and the Business Cycle 87 4.3. Ratings Transitions and Aging 91 4.4. Ordered Probits of Ratings 92 4.5. Ratings as Markov Chains 94 5. Conceptual Approaches to Valuation of Default Risk 100

5.1. Introduction 100 5.2. Risk-Neutral versus Actual Probabilities 102 5.3. Reduced-Form Pricing 106 5.4. Structural Models 112 5.5. Comparisons of Model-Implied Spreads 114 5.6. From Actual to Risk-Neutral Intensities 118

6. Pricing Corporate and Sovereign Bonds 122 6.1. Uncertain Recover 122 6.2. Reduced-Form Pricing with Recover 125 6.3. Ratings-Based Models of Credit Spreads 137 6.4. Pricing Sovereign Bonds 146

7. Empirical Models of Defaultable Bond Spreads 156 7.1. Credit Spreads and Economic Activity 156 7.2. Reference Curves for Spreads 162 7.3. Parametric Reduced-Form Models 166 7.4. Estimating Structural Models 169 7.5. Parametric Models of Sovereign Spreads 171

8. Credit Swaps 173 8.1. Other Credit Derivatives 173 8.2. The Basic Credit Swap 175 8.3. Simple Credit-Swap Spreads 178 8.4. Model-Based CDS Rates 185 8.5. The Role of Asset Swaps 190

9. Optional Credit Pricing 194 9.1. Spread Options 194 9.2. Callable and Convertible Corporate Debt 201 9.3. A Simple Convertible Bond Pricing Model 215

10. Correlated Defaults 229 10.1. Alternative Approaches to Correlation 229 10.2. CreditMetrics Correlated Defaults 230 10.3. Correlated Default Intensities 233 10.4. Copula-Based Correlation Modeling 237 10.5. Empirical Methods 242 10.6. Default-Time Simulation Algorithms 243 10.7. Joint Default Events 247

11. Collateralized Debt Obligations 250 11.1. Introduction 250 11.2. Some Economics of CDOs 252 11.3. Default-Risk Model 255 11.4. Pricing Examples 260 11.5. Default Loss Analytics 271 11.6. Computation of Diversity Scores 280

12. Over-the-Counter Default Risk and Valuation 285 12.1. Exposure 285 12.2. OTC Credit Risk Value Adjustments 295 12.3. Additional Swap Credit Adjustments 304 12.4. Credit Spreads on Currency Swaps 311

13. Integrated Market and Credit Risk Measurement 314 13.1. Market Risk Factors 315 13.2. Delta-Gamma for Derivatives with Jumps 326 13.3. Integration of Market and Credit Risk 332 13.4. Examples of VaR with Credit Risk 334
Appendix A Introduction to Affine Processes 346
Appendix B Econometrics of Affine Term-Structure Models 362
Appendix C HJM Spread Curve Models 367
References 371
Index 385

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