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Crime and Evidence in Action - CD (Software)

Crime and Evidence in Action - CD (Software) - 04 edition

Crime and Evidence in Action - CD (Software) - 04 edition

ISBN13: 9780534615314

ISBN10: 0534615317

Crime and Evidence in Action - CD (Software) by Thomson Publiishing Staff - ISBN 9780534615314
Edition: 04
Copyright: 2004
Publisher: Wadsworth, Inc
International: No
Crime and Evidence in Action - CD (Software) by Thomson Publiishing Staff - ISBN 9780534615314

ISBN13: 9780534615314

ISBN10: 0534615317

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents


Part 1 A Framework for the Study of Criminal Procedure

1 Individual Rights Under the United States Constitution
2 An Overview of the Criminal Court System
3 Basic Underlying Concepts

Part 2 Arrest, Search Warrants, and Probable Cause

4 Arrest
5 Search Warrants
6 Probable Cause

Part 3 Exceptions to the Search Warrant Requirement

7 Stop and Frisk
8 Search Indident to Arrest
9 Consent Searches
10 The Plain View Doctrine
11 Search and Seizure of Vehicles and Containers
12 Open Fields and Abandoned Property

Part 4 Admissions and Confessions and Pretrial Identification

13 Admissions and Confessions
14 Pretrial Identification Procedures

Table of Cases