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Criminal Evidence

Criminal Evidence - 5th edition

Criminal Evidence - 5th edition

ISBN13: 9780072993301

ISBN10: 0072993308

Criminal Evidence by Norman M. Garland - ISBN 9780072993301
Edition: 5TH 06
Copyright: 2006
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Publishing Company
International: No
Criminal Evidence by Norman M. Garland - ISBN 9780072993301

ISBN13: 9780072993301

ISBN10: 0072993308

Edition: 5TH 06

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This practical text for students in career-oriented law enforcement programs has been thoroughly updated and carefully revised for improved clarity and comprehension. Relevant court decisions are discussed to the extent necessary to illustrate the rules explained.

New Features

  • Complete update of text sections affected by recent U.S. Supreme Court decisions, particularly in the areas of the Confrontation Clause, Police interrogation and Fifth Amendment issues, and Police investigation and Fourth Amendment issues.
  • Incorporation of additional examples and application cases throughout the text.
  • Expansion of end-of-text reference material to include the federal rules of evidence, excerpts from the Constitution, and more.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

1. Introduction to the Law of Evidence and Pre-Trail Process

2. The Trial Process

3. Evidence - Basic Concepts

4. Witnesses - Competence and Privileged Communications

5. Witnesses - Lay and Expert

6. Credibility and Impeachment

7. The Hearsay Rule

8. Admissions and Confessions

9. The Exclusionary Rule - Search and Seizure

10. Exclusionary Rule - Identification Procedures

11. Circumstantial Evidence

12. Documentary Evidence and Right of Discovery

13. Physical Evidence

14. Photographic, Recorded, and Computer-Generated Evidence

15. How to Testify Effectively


Case Index

Subject Index